90’s Rad! A retro makeup look just for fun.

The teal blue colour of this sweater reminds me so much of the 90’s. It’s the colour of Polly Pocket packaging and was the colour of my best friends moms hatchback. It’s a cute, basic v neck from Gap and when I pulled it on the other day, because it’s getting chilly, I felt a bit retro. So, I pulled out my Hank and Henry Living In Colour palette, and whipped up a makeup look. And then I was all dressed up and no place to go… ha ha!

Hugging my water because staying hydrated is important. ha ha! This photo kind of washes out the little colour that I do have, but you can see the eyeshadow look a little bit. I feel like sometimes when you’re feeling a bit flat and have no where to go, it’s really nice to pull out some makeup and just play with it. It’s something I loved doing when I was a teenager, and it still boosts my mood. As you can see in the picture below, I used the pink shades more and some of the blue blended, so that it’s purple. This is a really fun palette, and I really like it.

Shop The Look:
  • Living In Colour Palette from Hank and Henry $25 (on sale for $9 at the moment) HERE. This is a cute palette, inspired by the MySpace, late 90’s era. It’s got some great shades, and also a few shades that are specifically designed to be applied simply with a finger. That’s not how I created this look, but I love that formula!
  • Lip Icing from Estate Cosmetics in shade Down $10 HERE. This range of lip glosses are really fun, designed to looks like donut glaze or cake frosting, kind of. To me, that’s very 90’s, so it made sense to team it with this look.
  • Earrings from DangerPins on Etsy (under $9cad and free shipping, total steal) HERE. I have a few earrings from this store and I love all of them.
  • V Neck Sweater from Gap

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