Mile High, by Rebecca Chance

mile high

Oh my God, I’ve never read anything like this before. I grew up around book snobs, so I come to “trash” literature late in life, and this one was a gift from a friend.

And actually, it wasn’t that bad. It was quite fun.

It revolves around several plot lines involving a luxury airlines first flight, including a famous singer whose stalker is also on board, an actress who has been nominated for an Oscar and who is a closet Lesbian, and a flight attendant whose drink is spiked by a jealous colleague.

Honestly, it’s kind of just filler story to get to sex scenes and has a lot of product placement, but that said, it kind of made me smile in places. It didn’t take itself seriously, and had fun with the outlandish plots. And in the end, everyone got a happy ending. Well, there were lots of happy endings in this book. lol.

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