I studied films and film making for about 5 years from my Bachelors degree in Australia (where I’m from) to a scholarship to Met Film School in London. I’ve won a few international awards for my screenplays, and now I live in London and write about films, or make movies. That’s my job. (You can read more about it HERE on my website, if you like)

I write about fashion and beauty, and also about life and the things that interest me. I like to focus on good photography and writing. I love working with brands and talking about new beauty and makeup products, and where to get great fashion and accessories. I’ve worked successfully with some really great brands like Borjois, Max Factor and Hawes and Curtis. I also review two books a month, which are ones from my own shelves or from authors who send me their work for honest review. (If you’re a brand or would like me to review your product or book, please get in touch via the contact page)Β Hermione FlaviaMy readers here are generally female, though there are guys too. They’re mostly from the UK, USA, Canada and India, and then Australia and other places too. They range from 18 years to about 40. My blog has won a few awards, both from industry and blogging professionals. For past collaborations with brands and publishers, check out my contact page where they are listed.

Please subscribe, or feel free to follow me on Instragram (@hermioneflavia) or Twitter (@craven_wild). I also have a Tiny Letter mailing list, which you can join HERE.

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24 thoughts on “About

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  2. Call me a tired old sexist or a creepy admirer, but I have to ask how it is that you worked in films but weren’t lured in front of the camera.
    ‘Complete lack of acting ability’ is an acceptable answer. But you could be the passing stranger who captures the hero’s eye…

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  4. Love your blog. So happy to have stumbled upon it. The name CRAVENWILD is a great name for a blog! I read a lot and enjoy books as well. I see a lot of familiar titles on your pages. Good luck! Hope to be seeing more of you!

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