I studied films and film making for about 5 years, academically, from my Bachelors degree in Australia (where I’m from) to a scholarship to Met Film School in London. I’ve won a few international awards for my screenplays, and now I live in London and write about films, or make movies. That’s my job. (You can read more about it HERE on my website, if you like)

A few people have been saying to me that my life is quite interesting, and I started this blog as a means to share different aspects of that with you.

Hermione Flavia
Initially, I mostly wrote about what I was reading (I read about 90 books a year), because I love books, and as a writer and as a human being, I think stories are really important. I don’t think it matters what you read, but that you are open to stories, other kinds of lives and ideas, whether those are fiction or factual. Obviously, reading is great when you’re a film maker.

But living in London I get to see a lot of cool things, and being a long time Vogue subscriber, I have a love of fashion and beauty. I wanted a place to share those things with you too, as well as what it’s like to attend previews and premieres, and the interesting people I meet along the way. And the hustle of being a working writer.

So this is a bit of my life, what I’m doing, what I love in London, (and other places when I travel), what I’m wearing and what makeup I’m buying… and loads more.

Please subscribe, or feel free to follow me on Instragram (@hermioneflavia) or Twitter (@craven_wild). I also have a Tiny Letter mailing list, which you can join HERE.

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24 thoughts on “About

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  2. Call me a tired old sexist or a creepy admirer, but I have to ask how it is that you worked in films but weren’t lured in front of the camera.
    ‘Complete lack of acting ability’ is an acceptable answer. But you could be the passing stranger who captures the hero’s eye…


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  4. Love your blog. So happy to have stumbled upon it. The name CRAVENWILD is a great name for a blog! I read a lot and enjoy books as well. I see a lot of familiar titles on your pages. Good luck! Hope to be seeing more of you!

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