Hermione Flavia is a writer, cinema journalist and book reviewer, who studied movie history and film making in Australia, before attending the film school at Ealing Studios in London on a scholarship. She started covering preview screenings there, well as working in the independent film scene, winning some awards for her screenplay writing. She now lives in Canada with her partner and her cat Grimoire, and you can usually find her drawing, making things or riding horses.

On this blog, Hermione covers fashion and style, makeup and books. And a little of her daily life too. She reads voraciously, and works with publishers like Simon and Schuster, Harper Collins, Hachette and Publishers Group Canada to review and share their latest offerings. She likes literary fiction, crime, true crime, mystery, horror, some biography and non-fiction, and some YA fiction. She does have a tendency to read a little of everything, and she loves classic literature too.

Her personal style is a mix of down to earth and glamour. As a child, she grew up watching movies and loved old school glamour, stars like Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, and Grace Kelly. She loves an old fashioned vibe. But she can also be found in a cute retro tee and jeans. As long as it’s fun and can be teamed with an over the top pair of sunglasses and a bright lipstick, it works. She used to love attending London’s Fashion week, and she’s also worked with a range of brands, from Borjois makeup to Hawes and Curtis.

She was recently published in the anthology Death Never Dies, from Chimera Projects.

She is also the host on the Tea And Scandal podcast, where she chats with people about life, what inspires them and anything interesting that comes up.

You can subscribe to this blog, to stay up to date on posts, or you can follow her on Instagram (@hermioneflavia) or Twitter (@cravenwild).

If you love movies, you can head to WildfireMotionPictures.com or subscribe to her movie YouTube channel, Wildfire Movies, where she talks about classic, cult and contemporary films, and a little film history too.

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  2. Call me a tired old sexist or a creepy admirer, but I have to ask how it is that you worked in films but weren’t lured in front of the camera.
    ‘Complete lack of acting ability’ is an acceptable answer. But you could be the passing stranger who captures the hero’s eye…

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  4. Love your blog. So happy to have stumbled upon it. The name CRAVENWILD is a great name for a blog! I read a lot and enjoy books as well. I see a lot of familiar titles on your pages. Good luck! Hope to be seeing more of you!

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  5. I definitely see that you have style and taste. Great blog. I do look forward to more. I invite you to check out what I’m up to over at my blog. Some of my posts are nice and to the point and some I need to spread out and give you a bigger picture. I do appreciate likes but I hunger for more comments. Sometimes I wonder if people even bother to read half of the posts they give likes to!

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