The House on Tradd Street by Karen White

2015-11-10 13.44.43

A snappy, romantic tale of family secrets and restoring houses, this book is about a pretty realtor, Melanie, who inherits a crumbling mansion in Charleston from an old man she only met once. The house seems full of mysteries and secrets, but then, so is Melanie: ever since she was a little girl, she’s been able to see the dead.

Helping her restore the property is her best friend, the kooky Sophie, who falls in love with the mansion, and a good looking stranger called Jack, a famous true mystery writer, who may know more about the mansion than he’s letting on. Into this mix comes the ghost of Louisa, a woman who went missing from the house in 1930 under odd circumstances.

The book is pacey and fun, with neat little twists in the plot, and enough romance  and mystery to keep you entertained. In some ways it’s a bit derivative, and perhaps it’s not literature, but it works. It’s a good ghost story and it’s fun to read about the history and architecture of Charleston. There are times when you kind of want to shake the main protagonist, because of her insistence on ignoring the signs around her, or her determination to not listen to something or somebody, but it’s meant to highlight the drama of the situation, and it doesn’t spoil the story.

Read it if: you like Charlaine Harris (though it’s not as sexy) or tv shows like Ghost Whisperer.

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