What do you do with all your books?


So, I might have mentioned on here recently that my boyfriend and I built some pretty epic shelves together and installed them. It was so nice to get all my books unpacked from their boxes and sorted by subject matter onto shelves. (And it was also really fun to build something together!)

At the moment, I have a kind of system with books. I read a lot of them, and get loads of them second hand off Amazon. When I finish a book, it has one of three fates:

  1. If I loved it, I keep it.
  2. If I liked it but know I’ll never read it again, but have a friend who I know will like it, I pass it on.
  3. If I don’t know anyone who will like it, it goes on a book shelf downstairs, which is a bit like a book exchange, (though no one else in the house reads as much as me, so it’s almost entirely my books).

It kind of got me thinking, especially since that book shelf downstairs is almost full, what do you guys do with your books?

Do you sort them by subject, author, or alphabetically?

Do you have secret plans to kick out your least favourite housemate and turn their room into a library? (Trying to look really innocent right now)

Do you donate books to charity stores, trade them in on Amazon, have an online book exchange or do you hoard every single one of them?

Are there particular books that you collect? I have all Isobel Allende’s books, and I love books on movies, fashion and those Peanuts ones that have two years worth of comic strips in each.

I’d love to hear from you guys, so drop me a comment! 😀

6 thoughts on “What do you do with all your books?

  1. My poor books are split in three places, and none are very good. This first is a black entertainment unit now exclusively packed with books, the cheap ones resting on the others to catch the dust that can get quite thick. Another lot live in a boxes in a wardrobe. The last are the ones I currently am reading or intend to and probably never will. They live on some shelves i installed ten years ago and judging by the crazy amount of weight i have placed on them, I installed them pretty well.

    I don’t collect any series, but I do have many Terry Pratchett books.

    I guess I do hoard them, even the ones I have never read.

    I work in a library so I tend to go through the book sale items and “rescue” books. So I end up with way too many I will probably never read but keep on that outside chance. It’s likely a fire hazard.

    For the past year I have been reading ebooks. They are a much easier obsession to manage.

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    1. Ha ha! Oh you have so many! I love it. 😀 I like Terry Pratchett too. I have this vague idea that one day Ill read them all.
      I used to work in a library (which was awesome! I loved it) and I loved to rescue books too. Sometimes I was like “what?? How can you be rejecting this little gem??” ha ha!
      I struggle with E Books, they’re a great idea, but I have this obsession with the tactile qualities of books.
      SO, what stuff is in your probably never read pile? I’m curious.


      1. Non fiction books mostly. – rescues from the weeding list. Like a history of Ninja Warriors… haha… or… “Off with their Heads: Fairy Tales and the Culture of Childhood.”

        Very interesting books, but there are SOO many other books I want to read these might never get more than a flip through. The poor dears.

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  2. I have two built-in shelves near my ceiling, one for fiction, one for nonfiction. I’m always re-organizing, putting different ones on display. It’s fun!! For the ones I don’t keep, they either go to Amazon or used book stores.


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