Legally Blonde/Family Trust by Amanda Brown

I’m cheekily lumping these two books in together because they’re kind of short, and often come in a one volume book. I happened to buy them together too.

I’m also not usually a huge proponent of chick lit, but actually, I think the covers on these novels let them down in some respects. Yes, these are light hearted books written for women, and there is talk about relationships in both books. But what really sets them apart is that the women are not the usual heroines of these kinds of stories. They are both women finding themselves, who have strong ideas and abilities, and who are building important, legitimate careers.

Legally Blonde, I think you’ll probably be familiar with because of the film, and the book follows a very similar plot, though it’s different enough to be enjoyable too. Elle Woods, Beverly Hills blonde, finds herself dumped by her boyfriend, who is going to Stanford to become a lawyer, and feels he needs a more serious girl. Elle is crushed, but resolves to follow him to Stanford and win him back from his new fiance. But what she actually wins is a rewarding career, and valuing herself. Her skills as a very feminine female, and a blonde, make her stand out and are what help her win the freedom of an innocent woman.

In Family Trust, two very different people find themselves co-guardians of a four year old girl when a plane crash takes the lives of their friends. Edward, louche and carefree socialite and philanthropist, and Becca, powerhouse, straight talking and financial wunderkind must work together to help the grieving child, and find themselves changed for the better by the experience. Yes, there is a will-they-won’t-they romance at play, but actually, it’s a lot about standing up for yourself against tradition, fitting a child into your working life, and being a modern woman.

Both books are fun, playful, fashionable, feminine, moving but light hearted, but they are also about women who think, who have careers, and who like themselves. There is romance, but it’s not the main focus of these women’s lives. The books are light, but I actually enjoyed reading them quite a bit.

Read It If: You like chick lit, but normally the characters pathetic cinderella complexes leave you cold. Or you want something heartwarming and fun that doesn’t make you want to throw up!

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