Summer At Little Beach Street Bakery by Jenny Colgan

summer at

A warm, happy book, as cosy as the bakery it’s main character runs, this book is a sequel in which Polly, who runs the Little Beach Street Bakery in Cornwall, has bought a lighthouse and lives in it with her gorgeous American boyfriend, Huckle, and a rescued puffin called Neil.

Which is a great start to any story, I think.

But of course, things get complicated: the owner of the bakery Polly has worked so hard to turn around, dies. The family who inherit the business put in a family member as a consultant who is truly awful, and makes Polly’s like miserable, but she can’t quit because she now has a mortgage. To help, Huckle takes up a better paying job – in America. And Neil the puffin really needs to be returned to the wild so he can live the life he’s meant to lead.

Will all Polly’s dreams be shattered?

Well, read it to find out. It’s a lovely book, very light. Sometimes Polly is kind of weak and annoying, since she doesn’t make much of an effort to stand up for herself or get things together. She isn’t one to face things head on, which means a lot of the problems that come up are kind of her own fault. But that doesn’t distract from the fact that the book is funny, sweet, and full of heart. And wonderful descriptions of island life. I really enjoyed reading it.

Read it If: you’re looking for something sweet and happy to read. It also has some bonus recipes in the back.

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