The Talisman by Stephen King & Peter Straub


Collaboration between two of the great imaginations of our age, this book was originally a bet selling novel that has since been made into this great graphic novel. After finding this volume, I discovered that there are a few Stephen King books that have been translated into this format with high success, and I might look into checking some of them out in future.

In this story, we have a young boy who inherited an special ability from his father in which he can slip into another world, a parallel world where people have magic instead of science, and each person has a twinner, a second connected self. But things are not so idyllic: the boy’s father is killed, his mother has cancer, and the only way to save her is to save her counterpart in the other world, where she is a queen. He must travel through the dangerous land to find a magic talisman, pursued by an evil man who is his fathers business partner and the dead king’s right hand.

The story moves quickly, and has some incredible dark images. It’s quite scary in places, really chilling, and the quest itself is full of danger and monstrous characters. It’s wonderful to see the imagery realised so stunningly well.

Read It If: I think it will please comic book lovers or Stephen King fans, though anyone who likes horror or fantasy might like to check it out too.

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