Beauty Round Up: A Trio of Pampering Treats (and Some Great Discounts too)!


As the first post since adjusting this blogs trajectory, I wanted to introduce some products that I was sent to trial and review. I get given product trials every now and then, which I usually post on Facebook and Instagram, but I thought since I’m branching out, these three could make a good first post here. 

To me, having an honest review is really important. If I don’t like something, I’m certainly not going to reccommend it, no matter who gave it to me or how much I spend. So read on for some honest beauty product reviews.


H2O Tan Mist

“Fabulous moisturising mist with a light tanning agent… “

James Read has long since become one of the leading names in easy to use self tanning. But this product is something a little different.

I’m not hugely into beauty that looks too fake, so I prefer gradual tanning agents. Here, you just spritz this light mist on before putting on make up, and you’ll build up a slow, natural glow. Which, when you’re pale skinned like me, feels and looks much more flattering and natural.

Self tanners also often contain ingredients that dry out your skin, so they can cause your skin to look aged. Here, the active ingredients are minimal, and the healthy, skin loving properties are high. So it’s a perfect addition to your summer beauty regime.

It’s also the nicest smelling little elixer you’ll ever spray!

Want this? Buy it HERE.


Girl Meets Brush

“Excellent brushes to add to your tool kit!”

Honestly, make up brushes are the key to a flawless look. I know loads of people who have never invested in them, but you need them.

And if you’re looking to branch out, you could do a lot worse than these cuties. Girl Meets Brush are the high standard that make up artists use, but without the huge out lay. The bristles are fine and flexible, without being too soft, and they never flake or fall out.

They’re also precision cut, so these ones for eyeliner especially, give you the fine precision that you need to get the perfect liquid line (so much easier than the pointy thing you get in your eyeliner bottle!) or the darker eye shadows in your palettes for lining and intensity.

They’re really good, and they’re pretty stylish too.

For 30% off these brush sets, plus a free make up bag, click HERE.


Firming & Contouring Trial Pack

“Odd but fun addition to your beauty product haul”

Ok, so this one is a little different. It works a bit like those body wraps you see all over Instagram, and it’s about as effective.

I know that contouring is a big thing right now, and when it’s done well, it’s pretty epic. Here, the product aims to work like a non-surgical face lift, so it lifts, plumps and tones, while sending skin loving good stuff right into the skin. It will do naturally what a lot of your contouring work would try to emulate.

The product does do something, but you have to keep buying refills for it. It’s not a permanent solution. So maybe one for a night out or event. It’s also is a bit weird. You put a little stick on mask under the chin area, and then wear this head strap thing for 40 mins. It looks weird: you might frighten your dog or small children.

To me, it feels like a gimic more than a solution to any issues, but that’s just me. It’s certainly not irritating to the skin, or doing any damage, so why not try it out if you’ve ever wanted to get a facelift? You might like it.

If you want to get a great deal on this product click HERE.

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