Jupiter’s Legacy Comic by Mark Millar and Frank Quitely, Vol 2/#1 is out now

Comics superstars Mark Millar and Frank Quitely reinvent the superhero epic for the 21st Century! – Millarworld.tv


This comic book is such a humorous and yet also scary indictment of the modern age.

Based around the offspring of a group of superheroes, it talks about drug use, social media and the double edged sword of fame. The way in which the ideals and values that superheroes of comic books used to have are no longer upheld or felt to be relevant to modern life. It also talks about Obama, the financial crisis, war, politics. It’s kind of interesting to see the way in which our understanding of previous generations through the stories and morals in comic books really juxtaposes with modern life.


Chloe and Brandon are two of those offspring, who are disappointments to their famous parents, more interested in drugs and the celebrity lifestyle, and using their inherited powers for fun, than trying to save people. Jupiter, one of their parents and a leader of the superheroes, is a hard, disciplined man, but his team and their children feel like it’s time for a change in leadership. It’s a pretty grisly overthrow, but by Jupiter’s Legacy 2, Chloe, her boyfriend Hutch (who is the son of a supervillian) are in hiding with their son, and the superheroes have taken over government.

It’s a thoroughly modern fairy tale, and it’s quite intense and a little bit dark. But I highly recommend it. The first issue of Jupiter’s Legacy 2 came out on the 29th if June.

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