Book haul: my latest fashion and style book purchases.

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I love books, and this week I added a few fashion and beauty books to my shelves, that I thought I might share with you. I tend to pick up second hand books on places like Ebay or but I also have loads of really good charity shops around me, so I’m pretty lucky really. I love curling up with a beautiful fashion or photography book and a cup of hot chocolate…

vogue 1

Society in Vogue

What’s better than books about Vogue magazine in this year that the British version turns 100? This volume is has loads of images and fabulous articles from a bygone era. I love the war years, when the idea of luxury met the make do and mend. But the language, cares and characters of another time are all captured here. One to get lost in.

vogue 2

The Art Of Vogue Covers

I love this book, it’s filled with glossy images of hundreds of vintage Vogue magazine covers from the magazines inception to 1940. Most of the covers from this era are illustrations, and they are to die for! I love all the fashion and the stylised images. And the hats! The images tend to be really evocative of the ideas of fashion, from exotic locations to idealised props. SO beautiful!


The Look Book

This is just a thin book, but it explains and gives images of famous looks and how to achieve them yourself. It’s really fun. It helps you get lips like Marilyn Monroe, Bette Davis eyes, or gorgeous Farrah Fawcett locks. Some of these things I want to try, and might in future posts, but a lot of it I just like from a perspective of curiosity. I like to know how it’s done!


The Bombshell Manual of Style

This book is kind of tongue in cheek and fun, and yet also kind of true! It’s all about how to achieve that certain something that bombshells have. To be honest, I like this book because it’s feminine and fun, but I’m not really someone who believes that you can be something you’re not. You either have it or you don’t, but EVERYONE has something special, and I really do believe that being yourself is the best thing. And bombshells are often all about being unashamedly themselves.



This one is a bit of a cheat, as technically it’s a novel, but I love this hard cover edition, with it’s stylish cover. It tells the story of  girl whose life is a mess, and who finds a manual for Elegance in a used book store. As she starts to take better care of herself, she has to face a few home truths, like the problems in her marriage, her sense of self worth, and the issues in her family. It’s kind of standard stuff for chick lit, but it’s very sweet and has some great style advice at the start of the chapters too.

Love all things style? You might like this smokey eye makeup look in this post or this cute dress and bright lip HERE.

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