How To Wear Shirts Now: Classic Style with Hawes & Curtis. 

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Every wardrobe should have a crisp shirt in it. They go with everything, they always look stylish. But to my mind, they’re worth spending a little money on to get a good fit and proper lines. An ill fitting shirt can be so unflattering.

So when a classic British brand sent me a shirt from their collection and said they’d like to see what I would do with it, I was very excited.

Curtis and Hawes started out in 1913 and soon became the outfitters, their customers ranging from Fred Astaire, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra to royalty like the Duke of Windsor. The brand still bears the royal warrants awarded to it by the royal family throughout it’s illustrious history.

One of the things I love about good brands is the attention to detail. As you can see below, they company has a lot of respect for their product. In the cuffs and collar of this shirt, there is white with turquoise blue polka dots, and the buttons perfectly match the colour of the shirt. It’s beautiful.

The shirt featured here is the Coral Fitted 3/4 Sleeve Shirt with a Low Collar. It’s in a Size 10, and as you can see, it fits well. (I generally am a size UK 8 – 10) It was a little stretch in it for a perfect fit, which I love. If you’d like to look at their full range click HERE.

Generally with shirts, if you’re curvy, get a fitted or you’ll have no definition, which basically makes you look chunky. Leave a top button or two undone. If you’re slender or tall, get semi-fitted or unfitted, and shirts will give you graceful definition. You guys can have your buttons done right up to the neck.

Either way, shirts fit every body type, have unlimited style options and a good shirt makes you look like money. Here are four ways to wear a simple shirt…

The Rockabilly

A classic shirt always looks great with jeans. Because this one has the adorable contrasting cuff and collar, it looked kind of vintage to me, so I paired it with capri jeans, heels and popped collar for a little attitude.

The Boss

Need to impress someone or let them know you’re the boss? Nothing like a business shirt to give you confidence. I paired this with a black fishtail pencil skirt and patent court shoes. Because business dressing doesn’t have to play down your personality. With a shirt you can feel as sexy as Ms Moneypenny without having to show a bit of skin.

The Annie Hall

Of course, if you are more of a casual chic or androgynous type, then the 70’s look rocked by Diane Keaton in the movie Annie Hall is for you. A matching blazer and waistcoat is a classic style, and works well over suit trousers, skirts or jeans (or flares if you like, the 70’s stylings are def back this season).

The Cowgirl

And of course, in Summer, and if you’re bold enough, show off your figure with a quick tie up. This works well with any shirt that has buttons, so your business shirts are not off limits, in fact they’re even better because the tailoring will make you look a bit more styled than a cheap shirt. If you tie the front so that it sits on the thinnest curve of your waist it will give you a nice coke bottle shape, even if you have a thicker waist shape. Make sure your top buttons are not too low however.

Beauty Notes

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Want to know what make up I used? Coral shades are really in this season and you could do a lot worse than Givenchy’s Le Rouge Lip Colour in 202 Rose Dressing, which is a adorable vintage coral that is subtle and will suit most people. I used a lip liner to get the defined lip look that I like. Maybelline Colour Sensational in 132 Sweet Pink.

The foundation in these images is Chanel Les Beiges in no 20, and I used Borjois Pot Blush in 33 Lilas D’Or, I needed a little more colour in these images to make sure I wasn’t washed out. On eyes, I used a Stila Eyes Are The Window Eyeshadow Palette in Spirit, which is one of my favourite things in my make up kit. Specifically shades Chinois, Wheat, Golightly and Espresso. I love full lashes, so I used Borjois Volume 1 Second Mascara in Extra Black.

(Just a note: Curtis and Hawes did not pay for this post, and my opinions are my own, however they did give me the shirt to create these looks)

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