Local Girls by Alice Hoffman

local girls

A lovely book from the author of River King and Practical Magic, this book is a coming of age story about two girls as they navigate life, love tragedy, and becoming adults.

Narrated by the sharp witted Gretel, the book tells of the break up of her parents marriage, her mother and cousins search for love, her brothers choice to skip Harvard to work in the local grocery store, and other life events, all against the back drop of suburban Long Island.

It’s a book about life, the things that happen that we can’t control or expect, the choices people make that change the course of their lives, and the choices we have to make as we grow up. I love the way the story is about navigating the things that blind side us, whether that’s falling in love for the first time or realising that your parents are mortal. Alice Hoffman has a beautiful way with words, leading us through the life of Gretel and her best friend, and the lives of their families and their neighbours. One of her finest.

Read It If: you were ever a wide eyed teenager who had to suddenly become an adult.

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