The Lipstick Edit: My Latest Lip Product Haul


Every now and then you just have to update part of your makeup “wardrobe”. Mine was full of some really old bits that I never used, and random bits that I never wore because they didn’t suit me. By throwing them out, I could justify doing a little lipstick shopping! I mean, I had loads of reds, and not that many pink shades (at least, that’s what I’m telling myself).

This haul is the outcome, and since none of the items really broke my budget and really exceeded my expectations, I thought I’d pass these recommendations on to you guys.


Maybelline Colour Sensational Lip Liner in 132 Sweet Pink and 140 Intense Pink

I’ve started to realise that lipliner is a must. I used to downplay my lips, because they’re full, and I felt self conscious sometimes if I went all out with brights. And then… well, I got over it. But until recently, I didn’t get how much of a difference lip liner made. Going through my stash, I saw that although I had a great hot pink shade, and a red liner, I didn’t have anything to get the perfect look when wearing more subtle shades. These two cover the berry and nude style shades, and they’re so great at a really cheap price! Huge fan!

Rimmel Oh My Gloss in 500 Ooh La La

So, when I said I didn’t need red shades… I lied. he he. I love Rimmel lip glosses, they’re not to sticky, and this one is so so good. It looks really red in the tube, but it gives you a cherry lip that’s sheer and flattering. Great if you want to wear a red lip but you want something less glam or formal than a full red lip. I love it. And kissing my boyfriend with this on doesn’t leave lip stains. So he’s happy.


L’Oréal Xtreme Resist Lip Gloss in 505 Never Let Me Go

So not a shade that I’d normally wear, but this is kind of peachy with golden highlights, kind of like glitter but a much finer particle. It’s low coverage by itself, but gives a nice peachy look, and is great over lipstick shades, giving a golden glow. What I love about this range of lip glosses, and I have a few of them now, is the quality. They moisturize your lips, and have colours that are true, non sticky and that last. They have shades that are sort of thicker or more matt, or slightly more sheer like this one. But I love them.


Deluxe Lipstick in 02 Talullah

SO, I had never heard of this brand, and it’s one of those cheapies that I tend to stay away from, but now I’ve changed my mind. This lipstick is a beautiful natural rose that is so flattering, and the lipstick is pretty creamy and long lasting. I mean, if you’re buying loads of expensive lipsticks, you’re going to notice that this one lasts slightly less long, or is less creamy, but it doesn’t dry your lips out or wear off. It’s one of my new favourites, because it’s a few shades more dramatic than a nude, so it gives you a little more drama, without being OTT.


Maybelline Super Stay 14 Hr Lipstick in 180 Ultimate Blush

Maybelline Super Stay 14 Hr Lipstick in 150 On And On Pink

Since these two are from the same range, it’s easy to talk about them together. They’re a stylishly packaged lipstick that comes in a range of shades and is designed to last for 14 hours! And they actually do, which is impressive.

I bought the above shades, and as you can see in the pictures below, they’re not exactly true to the outer packaging, which was slightly disappointing. (Ultimate Blush is the left image, and On and On Pink on the right) They came out with a kind of metallic sheen, which makes them niche colours, since the effect is kind of aging, and gives a purple-ness to the colours which isn’t for every skin tone. They’re more like a night out cosmetic than everyday colours. So I’d suggest checking your shades carefully before selecting, but they do definitely last for ages without drying out your lips, and they don’t kiss off, which I really like.

Have you tried any of the above? What do you think? What lip purchases are on your radar right now?

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6 thoughts on “The Lipstick Edit: My Latest Lip Product Haul

    1. You’re so right! You can never have too many. 😃 I’ve become a huge fan of lip liners, but there are loads of products this season that have a built in liner. I’m not 100% convinced they’ll work, but willing to try them out. 😜💋


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