The Painted Shoe: Fashion Prints, Phone Cases, Stationery and More From the Imagination of Aditi Dokania

My boyfriend recently built me a laptop (he does things like that, he works in IT), which has all the perfect specs for the blogging, writing and editing that I do. I loved it, but … It’s black and grey. If any of you have seen my really old Mac, you’ll know that it has rainbow keys, and pink glitter monograms.

Black and grey is great, but I thought I could make it more fun!

I buy my laptop skins on Etsy, which you can see in these images, but this time around, they were not super great quality from the store I bought them from, so I don’t want to mention the seller here. I went with blue and white lace pattern on the outside and pink inside, which I know is totally girly, and a bit OTT, but it makes me smile everytime I use it.

In my search for the perfect laptop look, I came across The Painted Shoe, and immediately fell in love!

Aditi Dokania is a fashion illustrator based in India. She has a background in Graphic Design, but always loved drawing women and fashion. Her images are made using Schmincke water colours on Arches paper, and were just a hobby til she started posting on Instagram. Her drawings are so beautiful, she got a huge positive response, and  decided to start her own business on Etsy.

There you can buy her images as prints, or on a range of mugs, phone cases, notebooks, and other items.

I loved her decals, and had a really hard time choosing just one. I loved the Hermione from Harry Potter ones, obviously, but she also has Audrey Hepburn-esque images, and Disney Princess interpretations like the one I chose. She also has loads of her own original women who grace her images, and I love this notebook which features this cute girl drinking coffee and reading.

I ended up choosing this one of Aurora from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty preparing for a night out, because she was blonde, like me, and I loved the castle in the background. It felt really fun and feminine, and imaginative, which felt appropriate since it was going on the case of my laptop. The place where I get imaginative!

Aditi is a really lovely girl, who was so nice when I was chatting to her about my purchase, and I love supporting women who are starting their own businesses and living the dream, so use the links below if you want to check more of her work or make a purchase, or if you want to follow her social media.

You can shop The Painted Shoe on Etsy HERE, check out the website & blog HERE or follow on Instagram @thepaintedshoe.

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