The Wonder Product: Eden’s Semilla Vitamin E Oil


Sweater by, jeans from Levis. 


I don’t know about how it is where you are, but my skin hates Winter Well, British winter. I like the curling up in cute sweaters, drinking hot chocolate and catching up on my reading or movie watching. But my skin tends to really dry out, and London’s hard water doesn’t help.

I can almost feel my skin crackle sometimes when it gets really dry. Which means sometimes on my face (I have combination skin) or legs I get dry patches.  I’ve used heavy creams, like scented body butters, and softer body washes, but I had heard great things about body oils, and when Eden’s Semilla sent me out this genius product, and asked me to tell you about it, I was really happy.

With Rosehip and Jojoba, this product smells divine

This Vitamin E oil is so handy. I know using an oil sounds like it would be a sticky thing, but drop a few drops into my palms after a shower and use it all over, and my thirsty skin soaks it right up. No residue. It has left my skin silky soft since I started using it! I even use it on my face! It’s gentle enough and doesn’t clog pores.

But like it says on the label, it’s for your hair and nails too! Just a little bit goes a long way, so I use a drop or two and work it into my nails before bedtime. And best of all, and you other curly haired girls will know what I mean, you can work it into your hair, leave it over night and wash out, and you won’t get any dry ends! Oils are so great for hair, and with curls tending to be a drier hair type, an all purpose oil like this one is such a savior.

Makeup by Stila, including the Spirit palette. 

Thinking about getting your own or want to find out more? This oil retails at £12.95 on Amazon, the purchase link is HERE. You can also find out more about the brand on their Facebook page HERE, or follow them on Twitter HERE or Instagram HERE.

And as mentioned above, this is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own. (I’d never recommend something I didn’t believe in or love)

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