Sunglasses and Handbags from Misfit

Customised Aviators by Misfit Makings

I’ve followed Misfit Makings on Instagram for a while, because I love the customised pieces and the philosophy of not fitting in or following the herd. So when Riecee Siren, the star creator behind the brand, got in touch with me about working with them to share their designs with you, I jumped at the chance!

I love the urban style and the riotous, fun attitude of her work. This post features this epic clutch purse in blush suede, with two detachable straps (one short, one longer cross body), and styled with brass studs and paint splatter patterning. It’s my new favourite thing, because it goes with everything, and gives any outfit a bit of attitude, plus the size and shape is perfect, it holds loads more than you’d think. Misfit Makings range of purses and bags start at around $25 – $40 USD, and, like all their pieces, they’re original creations, so you’re never going to see anyone with just the same one as you!

The range of sunglasses on the site is truly divine, and they range from sexy aviators like these, to vintage shapes and styles, all with the up cycled handiwork of Riecee. Sunglasses range in price from $ 15 – $ 30 USD. Which is a total bargain.

Want to get your hands on something like these? You can find Misfit Makings site and shop HERE, or follow on Instagram HERE, Twitter HERE, or Facebook HERE. They stock such a cool range of shoes, hats, hoodies, minis, all kinds of cool stuff for guys and girls. You can also get in touch with her about customised orders. Misfit Makings is a US based brand, with worldwide shipping.

Perhaps most importantly, Misfit Makings is the work of Riecee Siren, who is such a cool girl. She’s really creative and genuine, and her designs reflect her free spirit and independent mindset. When you buy from her, you’re supporting a really wonderful, sweet, bad ass woman. Which I think is really awesome.

Please go check out her site, and yes, she did send me these pieces, but all opinions in my posts, as always, are my own.

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