The Third Angel by Alice Hoffman


A doctor tells his daughter that there are three angels: the angel of life, the angel of death, and the third angel, who often appears as a person who needs your help.

The book centres around three women of different generations, staying in London at the same hotel at different times, and how they are connected. In the present, a young woman stays there and has a tryst with her sisters fiance. The hotel itself is haunted by an event that happened there, and a man who drinks in the bar every night who is said to have murdered someone over love.

As we slide further back into the past, the tragedy unfolds of how these three women are connected to the haunting, what really happened, and what the haunting means.

It’s beautifully written, the London of another time evoked so well, and the characters are all interesting, sympathetic women. I really loved the central narrative thread of the unfolding mystery of the haunting. I read this in one sitting!

Read It If: you’ve ever stayed in a haunted hotel, or if you love a mystery.

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