Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman


Perhaps Hoffman’s most well known book, and made into a film back in the 90’s starring Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock, this book tells the story of the Owens sisters and their peculiar family. This is one of my very favourite books by Hoffman, and her most magical.

Following the death of their parents, two sisters, responsible Sally and her younger carefree sister Gillian, go to live with their aunts, who live in a beautiful old house in Massachusetts. Everyone in the small town knows that the two old Aunts are witches, with a gift for magic, and although everyone knocks on their backdoor for remedies, the town fears them and ostracise the young girls. As they grow up, Sally longs to be normal and Gillian longs to escape.

Although far apart and leading different lives as adults, Sally with her two daughters and Gillian unable to settle down, the two sisters are drawn back together following a tragedy in Sally’s life and Gillian turning up with a body in her car…

The book is full of Hoffman’s charm, her ability to see into people and understand relationships, of life events and tragedies and how they change us. But it also has loads of spells, magic and fantasy which make it a little different. I think it’s a beautiful book, whether you are interested in the magical elements or not, and I love it.

Read It If: you ever wished you had magical powers or if you ever felt like you couldn’t fit in. Wonderful.

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