Christmas in London: Winter Wonderland, Hyde Park. 

Every year, Hyde Park in the heart of London is taken over by the huge festivity that is known as Winter Wonderland. A huge area of rides, traditional European Christmas markets, and every festival food you can imagine.

And like so many of the things you can do in London, entry is free. I love that you can just come down and wonder around without having to spend any money, although I admit you’ll certainly want to. And it’s not exactly cheap. But it’s such a beautiful, festive, old fashioned environment. And actually it’s not too crowded this year.

The last time I came to Winter Wonderland, it was a much smaller thing. It had an ice skating rink, a huge ferris wheel, some rides, and a cute Christmas market. Man, was I blown away this year! It’s gotten absolutely massive, big enough to get lost in for sure! I loved the feel of the lights on the rides, so old fashioned, and the merry go round at the heart that looked about 100 years old but was going faster than any carousel I’ve ever seen before.

I loved just being there with my boyfriend, and our friends, soaking in the atmosphere, and trailing through the rows of stalls for gifts and breathing in the scents of waffles and roasting chestnuts. It made me feel truly nostalgic for all the Christmas past.

Pilies of giant chocolates that you can buy by the box, a great gift. Although it’s not the cheapest, it wasn’t as expensive as I thought it would be. And there were so many different delicious things to eat. And drink, a whole complex of bars. That was new.

I think we must have eaten about two dinners and four desserts, just because they all smelled so good. These above are churros with nutella. So so good…

There is so much to see and do here, and loads to buy. You can pick up any last minute gifts you want (for yourself or someone else), take in all the rides, and there are LOADS, and also have a lovely meal. Or four.

Pure magic. Bubbles everywhere near the bubble machine stall. The park this year includes an ice bar, a huge ferris wheel and an ice skaing rink, amongst other attarctions.

Winter Wonderland is free to enter, nearest tube stations are Hyde Park Corner or Marble Arch. Open daily from 10 am til 10 pm everyday til Jan 2. For rides and some attractions, it might be best to book ahead online. For this, or any further information, find there website HERE.

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