Rogue Lawyer by John Grisham


Perhaps Grisham’s best novels were the early ones, like The Firm or The Client, but his more recent ones still make the best seller lists, and hold their own.

In this volume, rather than being about a good lawyer in bad circumstances, it’s about the type of lawyer we love to hate. The kind that defends criminals and bends the law without quite breaking it.

Almost a series of vignettes or novellas, it follows the cases of Sebastian Rudd, a man who works out of his van with his body guard/paralegal Partner. It interestingly explores the American justice system from the perspective of the down trodden, and those who are often convicted before being found guilty in court. From that perspective, it’s really good, as the government and police cover ups are foiled, and the innocent get justice.

From about half way through, a case involving a suspect who is more slippery than an eel and a missing girl starts to emerge, and various plot lines comes together with some pretty dark consequences.

I really enjoyed it. I’ve always liked Grisham, and though this one is a bit different to his usual, it’s really good, clips along at a good pace, and pulls the heart strings, before taking you on a race against time. I like the cynical tone, and the legal insights, as well as the little guy sticking it to the man. The cases are all really interesting too.

Read It If: If you like crime thrillers, or legal dramas, you’ll like this.

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