Winter Blues? Your January Survival Kit from

Your winter saviors are here! I teamed up with the wonderful people at to create a package of products to banish the Winter Blues, and get you through January looking and feeling great. is an online UK pharmacy with a great rang of health, beauty and mother & baby, toiletries, medicines… and loads of other products. As you can see below, their range is really wide, and what I love, is that you can get yourself a care package all in one place with discrete and fast delivery, and their prices are really reasonable. It’s perfect! You can pick up a treat or two and the necessities in one place, and delivered to your door. Click HERE for more on their site.


So read on for more about the best products to get you through the hardest moth of the year… January. lol.

Your Skin

Your skin is the largest organ of your body, and in the cold months, it takes a real beating from the cold weather and from heating, and the changes between the two. Make sure you keep up with drinking loads of water during the colder months.

Vitamins has a full range of vitamins, and a multi-vitamin like Centrum or a Vitamin C boost are all great choices. For those of you in the UK, I’d recommend a Vitamin D supplement, because most residents suffer from a deficiency during the Winter months. (Shop vitamins HERE) I take a multivitamin all year round, but taking Valupak Hair, Skin and Nails supplement helps keep these in top shape, £2.99 BUY HERE.


I chose this Night Cream from the Fade Out range, £8.99 (BUY HERE) because it has a brightening capacity, to even out skin tone. I think that’s what I’ll need this Winter. Keeping your skin moisturised over the Winter months is super important, don’t neglect your skin. Cleanse, tone and moisturise twice a day, and a good night cream is definitely your friend, repairing your skin while you sleep.


Definitely swap your hard soaps, body and face washes for something soothing and gentle like Dove Beauty Cream Bar, 75p BUY HERE. This is gentle enough to use on your face, so you can drop your harsher skin routine til the warmer months, and pamper your poor skin a little til then. Use all over.

Dryness On The Go

Definitely keep a hand cream in your bag! Find a range of different ones at great prices HERE. But the miracle product that you need to keep in your bag is this, Melrose Multi-Purpose Skincare Stick £3.25 BUY HERE. You can use it on your lips when they’re chapped, your hands, your cracked heels, anywhere that needs a little extra TLC. It was created way back in 1880, and is still being made by his family today.



Way back in 1953, Max Factor brought out Creme Puff, a pressed face powder that became a classic. The packaging has only changed slightly since then, and the product has a bit of a vintage feel and scent, with the original shade names. I love it. In the Winter months, I get, well, even paler and need to adjust to a lighter foundation than in Summer. I chose 81 Truly Fair. Prices start at £4.59, find your shade HERE.


Nails need a lift, and you can stay in fashion with 246 Black Cherry nail varnish from Mavala, £4.75 BUY HERE. It’s THE shade of the season, a red so dark it’s almost black. A range of nail care products are available at, from hardeners, polish removers to base and top coats, so no brittle nails this Winter.


Lips need extra attention at this time of year. They so easily get chapped and flakey, and you definitely need to apply a layer of balm before your lipstick or gloss to keep them soft and kissable. I like this blueberry flavoured Lip Butter from Nivea, £2.05 BUY HERE which has just a hint of pink and smells good enough to eat.

Bath Time

There is NOTHING like a bath in Winter to warm you up and make you feel pampered or cheer you up (especially when you get soaked on the way home from work!). Invest in bath products like bath salts (pictured) or bath creams in beautiful scents, and follow with a rich body butter. In this decadent gift pack from Style and Grace, £6.26 BUY HERE, you get both. A jar of bath salts and matching body butter scented with jasmine, bergamot, rhubarb and sandalwood, teamed with a body puff shaped like a white rose. Decadent.

Hair Care

Serums and Oils

Hair needs extra care as the ends get dried out and flyaway in the crisp weather. Oiling your hair once a week will keep it healthy, and you can buy coconut or argan oils at, but I went one better and added this, TreSemme Liquid Gold Perfecting Treatment £6.99 BUY HERE. You can use it to keep your hair from getting flyaway and brittle. I use mine on wet hair after washing, or run a little through my curls when it needs it between washes. Liquid Gold… doesn’t that sound just right?

Health Care

Of course, Winter is the season of cold and flu. After the hard partying of December your health can be at a low ebb. I covered vitamins above, but to avoid getting sick, or help you when you’re feeling yucky…


A range of cold and flu medications are available on I love Eucalyptus Oil, this one by Olbas £2.13 BUY HERE. I put drops on my tissues when I’m getting sick, but it also can work as a preventative because it has antiseptic qualities.


You can stop yourself from getting sick by taking good care of yourself. Keep yourself warm with Hand Warmers, the ones I chose have Hello Kitty on them, which I think is both cheerful and practical. HotHands Hand Warmers £1.49 BUY HERE.

Lozenges, Drops and Sweets

If you’re already under the weather, you can find your cough drops and sore throat soothers on, but you can also get yourself a tin of these, as a sweet treat. I mean, if you need to feel better, sugar helps right? These are so delicious, and the tin is adorable. Simpkins come in a range of flavours, but I love these Strawberry and Raspberry with Chocolate Centres £1.99 BUY HERE.

So there you have it. Everything you need to survive January and beat the Winter Blues. Get over to HERE and build your own care package or next time you have a cold, get your supplies delivered and feel better from your couch.

Thank you Chemist.UK for partnering with me to bring you this post. This post is sponsored, but all products were chosen by me, and the opinions and recommendations in this post are my own.

Want more? Find me on Instagram @hermioneflavia or on Twitter @craven_wild. You might also like to beat the blues with this decadent Hot Chocolate Recipe HERE.


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