MySign by Revolution Makeup: Playful, Generous Leo

Makeup Revolution London created a range of Zodiac themed cosmetics last year, and something about the idea really tickled me. Each star sign has it’s own lipgloss and an eyeshadow wheel, which has a primer, highlighter and brow duo as well as three eyeshadow shades. And the eye shadow has a horoscope sheet for 2017.

I really loved the way the chosen colours corresponded to the traditional personality styles of the zodiac signs, and I thought the whole idea was really fun. Since I’m a Leo, I picked up the Leo set, with it’s shades of gold and chocolate. It creates a really dramatic smokey eye, with a regal gold, and the lipgloss in chocolate brown is very bold, just like a Leo. I also really like that I picked up both pieces for about £10!

Since Leo’s are notoriously dramatic, and it’s also the sign of royalty and movie star diva’s I decided to be a bit playful and create a really old school Hollywood glamour kind of look. Which is easy to do with the Leo set of eyeshadow wheel and lipgloss!

My best serious-face. Or evil queen look perhaps? Leo’s are known for being bossy! (I’m not like that, at all!) Included with the eyeshadow, is a 2017 horoscope for each sign, with a little mini bio of the star signs traits. I’m pretty happy, apparently Leo’s are in for a good year.

I was really impressed by the quality of the eyeshadow wheel. The eye colours are bold, and they blend really well. You can create a few different looks with this, which I think is really great, and with the primer included, the colour actually lasts really well. I used the highlighter to give myself some glow and pronounce my cheek bones a bit, which I think gives a bit of an 80’s power dressing look, which I guess is also pretty Leonine! The lid of the eyeshadow is actually rose gold, and looks pretty decadent, which sadly didn’t show up well in my photographs.

The lipgloss is thick, creamy and the colour is really rich. It’s more like a liquid lipstick, I think. I love that the packaging has little references to Leo personality traits, and the product size is quite generous. I was a bit unsure about the colour for Leo, it’s a chocolate brown, with perhaps a hint of red. I thought it would be a hard wear, but I quite like the drama of it, and it matches the eyeshadow colours really well. It lasts too! Impressively well. I would recommend using a lip liner, like I did, and perhaps a lip brush, because with a shade this dark you can really see any smudge or colour bleeding.

And just in case you thought I was taking myself seriously… Oh, just a note, I didn’t use the brow duo powders, only because I didn’t know how (I’m not a huge eye brow obsessive anyway).

Have any of you tried this product? I’d love to see what you did with your own signs shades. Drop a comment below or a link. And if you want more, you might like this HERE  about creating your Winter beauty survival kit, or this HERE an off shoulder winter look.

I’m also on Instagram @hermioneflavia, on Twitter @craven_wild and I’m also on Pinterest, search for Hermione Flavia.

12 thoughts on “MySign by Revolution Makeup: Playful, Generous Leo

  1. You look absolutely GORGEOUS! I don’t think that should come as a surprise to you. How many have swooned over the sight of you? 😉 The cosmetics compliment your face and skin tone. And might I add, now I know why we click! I’m a Leo too 😁😁

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