Valentines Day Starlet: Rose Gold Lipstick in Red Carpet

It’s Valentine’s Day again, that day when everything is cards, flowers and chocolate and love is in the air. And whether you choose to spend your day with your girl gang or the man in your life, I always think it’s an excellent time to take stock, and take a look at who you love and tell them, and also do something nice for yourself. After all, if you don’t love yourself, no one else can, right?

So, as you guys probably know, I have a boyfriend who’s an absolute sweetheart, so I got roses and chocolates today, and a romantic surprise date night tonight. So here is my Valentine’s Day outfit, built around this lipstick, which is from Makeup Revolution, who are so cheap and so creative! This is from their Rose Gold lipstick range, and the shade is called Red Carpet, and I picked this up for around £3! (Makeup Revolution’s Rose Gold range can be shopped HERE, if you’re interested in finding a shade from the range yourself)

I love the way that a red lipstick makes you feel, and I have more than one shade of red, from wine reds, almost plum shades to lighter red glosses and balms. I think red is the colour of love, of courage and strength, and it’s also got quite a vintage feel, and you know I love that!

Rose Gold everything seems to be the thing right now. These lipsticks have rose gold packaging, and a hint of rosey glowy gold to them, without being glitzy. I really like this lipstick, though I normally pay a much higher price point for makeup, but I think the quality of the product is good, and I also think sometimes it’s nice to treat yourself to something that you don’t have to feel guilty about.

To me, this dress just screams Marilyn Monroe, and I have it in a dark dark blue as well. It hugs all your curves without really revealing anything, and the mid hemline says demure. You can dress it up or down with anything. And I bought it from Boohoo, so looking like a Hollywood Starlet for only £8 really isn’t bad!

For the rest of my look, a flick of liquid liner and more light, neutral shades on the eye, with a hint of gold, because, well, we’re going for the glamour look, right? This eye look was created with the Stila Eyes Are The Window Palette in Spirit, which I talk about on here a lot, because it’s awesome!

So, there you go. Whether you’re out with the girls, or out with your dream date, this Valentine’s make sure you feel like a queen (and if you’re not feeling like royalty, try out this Rose Gold Lipstick!)

Want more? Try out this bold, smouldering look from Too Faced Sweet Peach HERE  or maybe this post HERE about the MySign Leo look from Makeup Revolution. You can also find me on Instagram @hermioneflavia or on Twitter @craven_wild

9 thoughts on “Valentines Day Starlet: Rose Gold Lipstick in Red Carpet

      1. teacakesand

        Haha – it is amazing!! I only wish I got a photograph with the policeman outside, maybe I should go back this year 😀 are you a fan of the books??

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