Cross (AKA Alex Cross) by James Patterson


Sometimes you just want to sink into a good crime novel, and enjoy the gritty escapism. And if you like that kind of best selling fiction, full of action and races against time, you could do a lot worse than an Alex Cross novel.

This is not the first in the series, but it was recently made into a film under the title Alex Cross (some newer movie tie-in copies have that name also). Cross is a man who has worked for homicide, and now works for the FBI, as psychological expert on serial killers. In this book, his beloved wife Maria is shot and killed, leaving him alone to raise their three children and piece his life back together.

But one day, a case of serial rapes comes up, and certain things about the case remind him of events surrounding his wife’s murder. Can he find the killer Michael Sullivan and avenge his wife?

The book takes in Cross’s story as well as Michaels, and it touches on themes of rape, murder, mutilation and torture, as well as mafia killings and child abuse without ever really descending into being repulsive and sensational, which is actually quite a feat when you think about it. It’s a fast paced thriller, and I sped through it, enjoying the ride. It’s well written, and Patterson has made a real name for himself on the best seller lists for a reason.

Perhaps the flaw here is that the story is basically mass fiction, there are many events, but not a lot of twists. It’s a fun read, but crime fans might want something more complex and more detailed. But I think that’s not really the point. It’s escapism at it’s best, and I really enjoyed the whole thing.

Read It If: you like best selling thriller and crime stories, it’s good fun. Should please those who love cop stories and murder mysteries.

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