Roses and Romance with Prestige Flowers

Flowers are everything. If you spend any time on Instagram you will see them featured in many posts. What is it about them that makes us feel so uplifted and happy? Why are they such a symbol of love and care? Of decadence? I’m not entirely sure, but I love them, and these beauties featured here are from Prestige Flowers, HERE who asked me to share their service with you.

I guess with Mother’s Day coming up it’s the perfect time to talk about flowers. But I think they’re also a great gift for anytime of the year, and even a great little treat you can buy for yourself.

What is it about flowers? There’s an old story that all people everywhere are biologically compelled to smile at a flower. Give someone a flower, and they have to smile. It transcends race, place and language. They lift the spirit and make us feel calm, relaxed, and in touch with the beauty and decadence of nature.

These beautiful blooms are from Prestige Flowers gorgeous luxury range, you can find their website HERE. They have a great range of flowers, and little gifts to accompany them like chocolate too, with a price point from low to high, so you can pick up that Mother’s Day bunch or something simple for yourself. Or why not both?

Prestige flowers sent me this bouquet, and asked me to share their products and service with you, so it’s not a sponsored post, but you know I wouldn’t write about them and share them with you if I didn’t think they were really great. So if you’re thinking about sending flowers, please consider checking them out.

What’s your favourite flower? Let me know in the comments below. Want more? You might also like my Valentine’s Day post HERE or this post about my favourite flower, Roses, HERE. You can also find me on Instagram @hermioneflavia or on Twitter @craven_wild

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