The All Things Unicorn Trend: From Makeup, Fashion to Phone Cases.

Unicorns are having a real fashion moment, and I for one, am loving it. I’ll take the teasing about my childish, OTT taste, but give me my unicorn makeup brushes and My Little Pony T Shirt, because fashion and makeup should be fun. And what’s more fun than unicorns?

Back in the day, the unicorn was the symbol of purity, a mystical mythical creature that personified the unattainable but desirable quality. A symbol like the Holy Grail, and for those of you in the UK, one of the animals that supports the crown, the only country in the world to have a mythical animal as it’s symbol.

During the 80’s, when fantasy stories were back in style in a big way, unicorns were everywhere, and it seemed like every cartoon heroine had her own rainbow haired, horned steed. Toy shops stocked unicorns and pegasus toys in every shade, and I think almost every little girl wanted one. I think for me, this is where it comes from, that dream in childhood of magic and adventure. A symbol of freedom, beauty and feminity. Unicorns are just cool.

The unicorn trend can be subtle or strong. I love the unicorn makeup brushes (£6.98) HERE
and my Estella Bartlett Rose Gold unicorn necklace (£18.99) HERE, because they’re really fun and girly, but they’re also not hard to use nor overly OTT. I mean, your brushes stay at home, and the necklace is delicate and feminine, a little sweet charm against a harsh world.

But if you want something that makes more of a statement about your magical and devil may care attitude, a phone case is the next step. Mine above, has a cute little meme on it that I found pretty adorable. But the one pictured below is all out shiny! It features a liquid glitter panel like a snow globe in a phone case, with a pink unicorn pattern printed over the top (£8.99) HERE.

Unicorn Phone.jpg

From there, you can go bigger, from unicorn onesies, to cute meme t-shirts and prints, but I think one of the big trends is in beauty. Unicorn rainbow highlighter is huge, and with reason because it’s totally awesome. A little and you glow, a lot and you sparkle (try this heart shaped one from I Heart Makeup for £4.99 HERE). With the soft pastel trends in hair colours too, there are some incredible cosplay and full unicorn make up looks, including eye shadow palettes that contain blends of colours that are perfect for creating these looks (try Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow Palette in Unicorns Are Real £4 HERE). (Isn’t the look below incredible? I couldn’t find who she was, so please let me know so I can link to her if you do know)

unicorn makeup

Nothing and no one really seems exempt from this phase. You’ll find loads of images of cats styled as unicorns, and of course, even serious gamers will find there’s unicorns in big games like Witcher, both of which are quite hilarious, and I think intentionally so. But anyway you look at it, it’s all really fun, and I think it’s fun to have a little sparkle in your life. Or a lot.

Are you a unicorn fan? Maybe a closet unicorn fan? Or do you think the whole thing is a bit weird? Or do you have a great unicorn related product or tutorial? Talk to me by commenting below, or you can also find me on Twitter @CravenWild or on Instagram @hermioneflavia.


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