OOTD: Spring is in the Air in Peach Dresses and Vintage Sunglasses.

There is something about Spring that I love so much. I suppose being an Australian in London, I find the Winters here especially hard, and the first blossoms herald blue skies and warmer days ahead. But I think it’s more than this. Spring fashion always feels so hopeful, with it’s florals and brighter shades, and more fun shapes. Spring with it’s focus on the cute and fluffy, the floral feels so young and fresh. While the new year starts in January, it really starts when Spring hits and we can think about our plans for the future.

I guess because I’m a bit shy, and often working on my own, I don’t often do posts outside. I feel shy asking someone to take pictures of me for my blog, and taking so many of them til there’s one I like! (I know, I know, vain…) Or taking my tripod with me out into the wilds of London suburbia. I feel a bit awed by bloggers who can get those perfect street shots that look so natural but clearly take planning, equipment, a good friend and complete lack of self consciousness. But I had fun taking these, with my boyfriend behind the lens, when we were out for a Spring walk.

In the interests of full disclosure, this is not my actual street, but one that happened to have blue skies over it at the time we were meandering around. The dress is a cute off shoulder peach knit from Boohoo.com which I picked up for a song, and ended up being even more happy with than I expected. In real life, it’s really flattering, even though it’s quite shapeless.

The little ballet flats in these pictures are from Office and have a kind of pearly sheen to them. They don’t do much to lengthen the legs with dresses, but look quite cute with jeans, and are really comfortable.

I love these sunglasses so much! Even though they’re a definite cats eye shape, which is a 50’s thing, they’re actually from the 80’s. I bought them online from a couple in Russia who had bought a store that had been empty for a really long time, and had discovered fashion and accessories left in the store from it’s closure. Pretty cool, right?

Blue skies all the way… Just a beauty note: I’m wearing makeup from Maybelline, eyes from the 24 Karat Nudes and lips from the Baby Lips range.

A really simple look, nothing special maybe, but relaxed and casual, pretty for Spring. Are you happy that Spring is here? Or are you an Autumn/Winter person? Do you have big plans for the year? Let me know in the comments section.

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