Fresh From The Vine: French Skincare Brand Caudalie

Over the last few months, I’ve picked up a few items from French brand Caudalie, and since I’m really happy with them, I wanted to share this brand and my product trials with you. (Though I love this brand, this is not a sponsored post, just a beauty haul and trial of products) I love the scent of these products, as well as the fact they really work. They’re based on natural plant ingredients, and are based often on the oils from wine grapes, which has been shown to have active components that work with your skin for ultimate health and glow.

Caudalie have a few different ranges of products, which means that you can find something for all skin types, and for different price ranges. I have combination skin, and opted for things that I thought would work for me. You can find out more about them on their website HERE, including the different ranges for younger to aging skin, from sensitive to combination, as well as their body care and more.

 Beauty Elixir £32

One of the first items from Caudalie that I ever tried, this is a hero product that hits this years moisture mist beauty trend, as well as being a wonder product. You can spray it after moisturising and under make up to tighten pores and brighten skin. Over make up, it works to set make up and keep it lasting all day.  Toss it in your handbag or keep it in your desk drawer, spritzing your face during the day will boost moisture and radiance. It has a soft scent and feels oh so refreshing on skin, especially on hot summer days. And honestly, it does the job! Which is why it’s said to be huge in Hollywood right now.

 Micellar Cleansing Water £15

I love micellar water. It’s light and takes off all your makeup and cleanses skin in one sweep. I’ve used it for years, starting with one by L’Oreal, which you can buy in the supermarket. But this one feels a bit more luxurious, and I feel works a bit more quickly and deeply than other micellar waters on the market. Gently scented with orange and lemon blossom, watermelon, mint, it’s a no rinse cleanser and makeup remover that’s tough but gentle on sensitive skin.

serum-vineactiv caudalie

Vine [Activ] Glow-Activating Anti-Wrinkle Serum £36

After cleansing skin, a serum is just the thing to deeply penetrate skin and prep it to absorb your moisturiser. This one, as you can see, it a bit more expensive than the previous items. It’s from the Vine[activ] range which have anti aging properties and are slightly more expensive than the items for younger skin and the cleansers and toners. But honestly well worth the money. Rich in anti-oxidants, it fights the damage that pollution and stress do to your skin on a daily basis. It also helps your skin unlock it’s natural glow and fight the free radicals that cause wrinkles.

Vine[Activ] Overnight Detox Oil £30

Rich in properties to help cell renewal and regeneration, this is a night oil that I use every third night. You can use it alone or for dryer skin, use a moisturiser afterwards. You can use it every night if you like! It’s quite versatile. It sinks deep into the skin to work with your dermis natural processes to detox, restore glow, and fight wrinkles. It smells kind of green, because it is made from grape extracts, which i find a warm, natural scent. It also contains neroli and rose hip. My skin responds so well to it. After a long day, I love using it at night. It feels nice, smells nice and I do wake looking and feeling refreshed. Great for tired skin.

You can head over to Caudalie’s website HERE, to find out more about the story behind the brand, to shop the products, or find ones that are right for you. I think their site is really easy to use, and with a lot of their products having an optional smaller sample size option, you can try things without feeling like you’re making a huge commitment. They also have a points system, so if you decide to be a regular buyer, there are other benefits too.

Have you tried Caudalie? I’d love to hear if you like these products or others that I haven’t tried. Or maybe you have another favourite skin care item you love. I’d love to hear about it in the comments section.

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