MOTD: New Max Factor Lip Colour Trials with Influenster Vox Box.

Max Factor has long been known as the make up of makeup artists, and is synonymous with Hollywood glamour. They’re one of the brands that are innovative and classic, with a focus on quality but at a reasonable price point. They have a few new wonderful lip product ranges out now which I’m really excited about. Thanks to Max Factor and Influenster I was really lucky to receive a box of three products from their new range to test and review for you.

I love the classic gold packaging that Max Factor always uses. It feels a bit special to pull out your gold lipstick from your purse and apply it.

This is the Colour Elixir Lipstick in Pearl Maron, which is a dark slightly coral-y pink with a pearl sheen. It’s a flattering shade, not quite as bold as a full red but makes a statement. The colour it true and long lasting, with moisturising properties so you don’t get dried out lips or flaking colour. It also contains some antioxidants and Vitamin E to keep lips healthy. It’s beautiful and creamy and I love it!

This is the new Honey Lacquer, which is a three in one product. It’s smooth and moisturising like a lip balm, but has the full colour of a lipstick, and is the texture and shone of a gloss. This shade is the Honey Rose, a soft light baby pink with a slightly dusky rose hint to it. I think this product is really versatile, you can put on just a little or layer it a bit more thickly to get a full colour. It smells nice and lasts quite well, but will kiss off on your boyfriend a little bit. I quite like this colour, it feels a bit retro somehow, but it’s also a great nude shade. I would definitely get this one in other colours.

The last item is pretty cool. It’s the Universal Lip Liner, a lip liner pencil that you can use with any lipstick or gloss, whatever the shade. I think this is a really cool product. It’s a gold pencil with a white waxy tip, it goes on clear and stops lip colour from bleeding or smudging, holding it in place. Because it goes on clear, it’s great for any skin tone or lip colour, and it feels kind of soft and smooth, nourishing (it has jojoba and vitamin E). Honestly, I think that it does work to stop lipstick and colours from bleeding, but as it has no colour, I’m not sure if you’d be able to help you re-shape your lips with it, which I know a lot of people use their lip liners for. I think it’s a cool product to add to your beauty arsenal, but might not replace your other liners completely.

Thank you Max Factor and Influenster for sending me these wonderful products to try out and share. I honestly like all three of these products, and all opinions here are my own. Are you a Max Factor fan? Have you tried these? Let me know your favourite products or your other comments below.

And also remember that you can find me on Instagram @hermioneflavia or on Twitter @CravenWild.

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