My Hallowe’en Wishlist

halloween cat

I guess this is normally something that I would do at Christmas, but there are some really cool things out there at the moment that I love for the Hallowe’en season, which is one of my favourite times of year, and I really wanted to share them with you. Theses are not major purchases, most of them are under £10, so they’re just fun little things that I’ve seen and loved lately. The images are all taken from the shops website.

cat collar

Halloween Cat Collar

So yes, I’m obsessed with my cat, Grimoire. There’s usually always something on my shopping list for him. But he’s a black cat, so Halloween is a perfect excuse to get him in on the action. This cutie is from Murdock and Co, and retails for £5.75, plus shipping (buy yours HERE). The collar has a safety clip so it’s safe for your pet to wear unsupervised. I was so excited when ours arrived, and you can see Grim wearing it over on my Instagram (@hermioneflavia). They have a range of Halloween collars, and other novelty and everyday ones too, for cats and dogs, all of which are handmade.

Pumpkin jumper

Isn’t this seriously cute? I love it. I’ve seen this off shoulder pumpkin jumper online for about £5, and I think it’s sweet. I haven’t actually bought one, because all the sites I’ve seen it on look kind of dodgy, and I feel like I’d get it and it would be really crappy material, but if I can find a good quality version of this, I’ll be buying it and wearing it all month! There are loads of cute Halloween sweaters and dresses out there, and I really like them. They feel cozy but also really fun.


Boohoo Cat Earrings

How cute are these enamel earrings from Can you believe they’re only £3?Honestly, I’d probably wear these at any point in the year, because I think they’re really cute and not toooo Halloween-y. But maybe that’s just me. You can take a look at them HERE. really goes all out at Halloween, and they have loads of things, from makeup and accessories to sweaters, leggings and dresses, all in the Halloween theme and also at a really great price.

Witchy hair clips

I picked these up on ebay for about £1.50 each including postage and I’m really impressed with them. They’re new from a Chinese seller, so I expected very little from them, but they’re a lot sturdier and well made than you might think. They both come in different colours and finishes, and I think they’re really fun to wear all month. I think the cat on the broomstick might be a take on Kiki’s Delivery Service (if you haven’t seen that film, highly recommended). The stone on my moon clip was real, which I wasn’t actually expecting for the price. You can find these from a few different sellers on Ebay, so shop around.


Burgundy Makeup

These shades are really in for Fall/Autumn and Winter this year. I love the way they look! This particular palette is from Maybelline and was the official makeup palette of London Fashion Week, which apparently means that it’s not available in the US yet, I’ve heard. But there are loads of other brands doing shades like these. This one retails from £11.99 and you can get it at Superdrug HERE. The shades are much more vibrant and shimmery in person, and I’m a bit in love with how many looks you can get out of this palette, so expect to see a post dedicated to this one.


Scented Candles and Spooky Holders.

The days grow shorter in the Northern Hemisphere around this time, and the old tradition says that you should leave a candle burning through the night on All Hallows Eve to help guide wandering spirits. Nothing makes your home look Halloween ready like candles. Yankee candles have a range of scents like pumpkin swirl, witches brew and forbidden apple. Our local supermarket has cheap pumpkin spice scents and ceramic ghost and jack-o-lantern holders. I’m not sure what I’ll choose this year, but I can tell you that I love the scents for this season and I love watching spooky movies by candlelight.


Lush Bath Bombs

I think pretty much everyone loves a Lush bath bomb. I think they’re incredibly creative with their moulds, the scents and the additions like glitter and confetti. So I was pretty excited to see people starting to post pictures of this years Halloween bath bombs. Ghosts, burnished gold pumpkins, Jack-o-lanterns and some aliens for those so inclined. They retail for between £4 and £5, and you can check out the range on their website HERE. They do a lot more than bathbombs too, of course. And my favourite? They have a bath bomb shaped like a black cat!

Do you have your eye on anything for this season or for Halloween? Have you picked out a costume yet? I’d love to hear if there’s something you love or would recommend in the comments below. Or you can join the conversation on Twitter @CravenWild or on Instagram @hermioneflavia.

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