High Street Skincare Secret: Garnier Skin Active Rose Water Range

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ll know that I swear by my Dior foundation and my Chanel lipsticks. But the truth is that while price often means quality, there are often some amazing things that you can get right on your supermarket that are really great. One of these is Garnier’s Rose Water range, especially their cleanser and toner. I love how gentle it’s been on my skin and I’ve definitely noticed a difference in my skin’s health and glow. I love it!

This cleanser and toner are labelled as being good for dry and sensitive skin, but i have normal/combination and my skin loves these too. What put me on to these two products was that they were on Glamour Magazine’s Beauty Powerlist for 2017, beating out some much bigger names as contenders. I picked them up, and have never looked back! The cleanser removes makeup and dirt from the skin gently, leaving you feeling fresh and hydrated. The toner then goes on to lift out remaining impurities, tighten pores and give you that glow. My skin feels softer and healthier than before, and seems to absorb moisturiser and serum a lot better afterwards too. They also small divine, but not too strongly floral.

Not bad for products that you can pick up for under £5 each! Garnier Skin Active Rose Water Cleanser retails at £3.50 and the Skin Active Rose Water Toner is £3. In the range there is also a rose water moisturiser, which is really good too. Perfect for beautiful skin on a budget. (If you want to treat yourself, I think their micellar gel wash is great and I have to recommend their tissue masks that are only about £2 – 3 if your skin needs a vitamin or moisture boost. They’re so refreshing!)

Have you tried this product? Did you like it? Have you tried a Garnier product that you loved? Or one you hated? Join the conversation, by letting me know in the comments section below, or find me on Instagram @hermioneflavia or on Twitter @CravenWild.

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