Local Colour: Summer Accessories Mini Haul

Our suburb in London is really village-y, which I love. We’re so close to the city centre, and yet it feels like we’re one step from the country sometimes. It’s the best of both worlds. We hit a local fete over the weekend, and bought a slice of homemade cake and took a look at local handmade crafts. I also picked up a few cute items at a stall that sold sample items, and I thought it would be fun to share my mini haul with you guys. I bought all the items here for £20, which is a bargain. (I’ve also linked items so you can shop them too, though not at my sale price, sadly).

I love beaded bags. They feel so 1920’s. This one is a clutch purse with a shoulder strap that you can tuck away inside if you want to. It’s a cute shade of blush too, which means it’s just what my wardrobe was missing. I love this! It’s from Accessorise, comes in a few colours, and retails for about £22. (You can get it on ASOS HERE) (I have to say, I’m not always a fan of the quality of items from Accessorize, but this bag looks like it’s going to last OK, and since I didn’t pay full price for it, I was willing to take a risk.)

Summer means ice cream pastel shades and retro sunglasses. I’m absolutely love white sunglasses, especially if they have a retro shape. These are perfect for blocking out the sun, and go with anything from tailored blazers with jeans, bikinis on the beach, modern shapes, and vintage finds. Love them. I think they suit most face shapes too. These are made by Jeepers Peepers, who make some really interesting modern styles, or more retro ones, for the under £25 price mark. I really like their weight and quality, and I’m really happy with them. These are £18 on ASOS, and you can shop them HERE.

These powder blue and gold hoops are so big and fun. I love them. They make a bit of a statement but they’re quite classic and simple in their shape and style. They’re also nice and light so you can wear them all day. I plan on pairing them with crisp white tees and with vintage 50’s style dresses (from Modcloth or Collectif). Again, these are from Accessorize, and some earrings that I’ve bought from them haven’t lasted, but these seem to be good. On their website, they’re available in black £6 HERE or yellow £3 HERE.

These last two I couldn’t find links for, but they should be on ASOS somewhere. I love these clear frame sunglasses. They’re so oversized and nerdy. They’re perfect with tweed skirts and cardigans, librarian chic, or with jeans and a cute top, with a messy bun. I love them. They’re really light and comfortable, and add a little something to an outfit. I also love this hair tie. ASOS has loads of these, all different types and styles. This one is really nice and thick, which is important for me because my hair kind of eats thinner hair ties. It needs the heavier ones to hold all of it and keep it up. The star has a gold metal outline, and the centre has a resin with flakes of gold suspended in it. I think it’s really cute. With the hot weather, getting my long hair up and off my neck means that my hair accessories are getting a work out. It’s always nice to get a new one to add to my collection.

You can expect to see all of these being styled in my future posts. I’m having a lot of fun with them. What are you favorite accesories for Summer style? What are your summer plans? Let me know in the comments section, and as always, you can find me on Instagram @hermioneflavia and Twitter @CravenWild.

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