OOTD: Nars Red Matt Lips and THE cutest Betty and Veronica tee.

I feel like I keep saying this, but Summer is here! I love Summer and the heat wave in London is making me so happy. I’m obsessed with two things at the moment, this T shirt from Betty and Veronica (they’re currently having a 40% off sale, which ends soon) and a red lip colour from Nars that the perfect matt red.

Isn’t this shirt just the cutest? As someone who loves red lipstick, this was a must have. You guys know by now that I’m a huge Betty and Veronica fan, and you can use my 15% discount code on their site anytime, HERMIONE15. This t shirt is $24, and I’m wearing a size Small. You can get your hands on one HERE. Betty and Veronica items are always beautiful quality, and this t shirt isn’t thin material, which means you don’t have to wear a special bra or anything with it, and it should be able to be styled through to Autumn.

I love it teamed with my Levis cut offs and colourful wedge heels. But it also looks cute with skirts and jeans (I have a pair of soft purple flares that make it a more retro look). The cat eye sunglasses here are vintage ones, but if you love retro and vintage shapes, you HAVE to take a look at Betty and Veronica’s sunglasses!

With a bold red lip colour, I always feel like the rest of the face needs to be dewy and glowing, without too much eye makeup. And that starts with skin care.

I love Caudalie products, and this facial mist Beauty Elxixir £12 for 30mL is a product that has won loads of awards. You can use it any time during the day to boost glow, which in melting hot summers is a life saver. But I like to use it after cleansing and before moisturising, just a spritz or two across the face, to boost skin health, tighten pores and give my skin some radiance. I love this product. Shop HERE.

I’ve also been trying out It’s Skin Power 10 Formula VC Effector, which is a serum from a Korean beauty brand that was given to me as a sample. There are a range of these that are for different skin concerns, and this one brightens and tightens pores. It retails for about £12 (take a look HERE). K beauty is huge right now, and there are a lot of adorably packaged products that do a lot for skin. I like using this, with it’s little dropper and cute yellow glass bottle. I think that it has had a good effect on my skin, and I like it, but it hasn’t blown me out of the water. 

So, what’s the ultimate red matt lip? It’s from Nars new range of lip colours Powermatt Lip Pigment, and Starwoman is a great vivid blue red, so flattering. £23 click HERE to purchase. Like a lot of matt lip colours, it goes on as a liquid and then dries, and like all Nars products, it’s beautiful, the colour is true, the quality is amazing and it lasts beautifully. I love it! It’s quite bold, so it’s the kind of lip colour that gives you confidence. I outlined my lips in a lip liner, and would have used a lip brush, but found that I didn’t really need one because the lip applicator is really very good. Careful application is key with bold lips to get a good outline, but this one doesn’t need reapplication when it’s done, which makes it fairly low maintenance.

Keep eyes simple with Kat Von D Tattoo Liner which if you haven’t tried you really really should, especially if you love a good liquid line. It’s £17 shop HERE. It’s got a really fine tip for precision line and it’s waterproof, lasting all day and all night without smudging or budging. It also has this neat little bounce when the lid snaps on. It’s genius.

And finally, some rose infused skin heroes that I’ve tried lately and loved. The use of rose water and rose hip in beauty products is ancient, and has been popular for millennia with good reason. Its great for keeping your skin soft, healthy and youthful, but the reason I like it is just because roses are my favourite. Anything rose scented makes me feel great. I bought two of these Disney Beauty face masks just because they made me smile. They’re only £4, shop HERE, and come in a range of Disney princesses (I picked Aurora and Belle). Honestly, I thought they’d just be fun, but my skin actually really liked them. They have a really cute pattern on the sheet mask too.

Fresh Beauty gave me this mini Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream (£35 shop HERE) as a sample with a sale, and it smells delightful. Fresh use beautiful natural ingredients and their products really work and feel decadent. It’s a really lovely product, and I liked trying it out.

Finally, Yardley are a British institution, and generations of British women have bought and loved their products. I love their different ranges but their Rose range are a favourite, and I get a real kick out of using their Rose Hand Cream £4.50 shop HERE. It’s partly the scent and partly because it works really beautifully. I love that when I drop it in my handbag, I feel like an old school girl from a bygone era.

Do you have a favourite red lip colour? Have you tried this one from Nars? Do you have your eye on anything in Betty And Veronica’s 40% off sale? (I do!) I’d love to hear about it, or if you have tried any of the products here, let me know what you thought in the comments. Or you can find me on Instagram @hermioneflavia

And don’t forget to enter my Summer Beauty Giveaway, in my previous blog post.

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