Shine Like A Diamond: Jewelry from

I’ve been so tired and busy with moving home, so it was a lovely surprise to receive these cute jewelry items from Jouellerie. Sometimes a little sparkle is just what you need. Jouellerie have just launched in the UK, and currently have some great deals on their site, including free shipping if you spend over £20. They have a cute range of contemporary to classic styles, and are made with rhodium plating and Swarovski elements.

With bracelets like these, I like to stack them, mixing and matching. I like the contrast of rose gold with silver, and shining elements with engraving. It feels kind of decadent. Jouellerie have a lot of different styles and metals, and the prices are really reasonable, so you can have fun with it all.

This cute bolero is from Bonsai Kitten, an Australian retro fashion brand, and I love it so much. It was a gift from my sister in law, who has the best taste. It has a pattern of foxes and moons, and I feel like it has a gypsy kind of feel that looks great with stacks of jewelry. Because sometimes in life, it’s nice to wear it all at once. Life is too short not to.

Below are the items that I have that I’m wearing in the images. Click the image to shop them. At the moment, most of them are on sale for under £10!

Thank you, for sending me these cute items. It certainly brightened up my week. You can also find Jouellerie on Instagram @Jouellerie and Twitter @jouellerie They are currently having a great launch sale, you’re sure to find something you love.

What’s your favourite way to brighten your week? Let me know in the comments or fine me on Instagram @hermioneflavia

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