OOTD: Brunch and Watching The Sun Set Over English Bay and Cozy Autumn Knit Coatigan.

The air is starting to have a Northern Chill in it, but with the rain having not set in in Vancouver yet, there are beautiful sunsets over English Bay. The perfect Sunday plan is a late late breakfast at Cacao70, with thick hot chocolate and waffles, and then a walk down to watch the sun set at English Bay, and to watch the squirrels play in Stanley Park.

Cacao 70 is a short walk from our place, and at the moment, we seem to end up there every weekend. They do amazing varieties of hot chocolate and cocoa, and also beautiful waffles and crepes. My boyfriend usually likes to get the lazy breakfast or the black and white waffles, but I like to try something different each time, though I stick to the waffle menu. They do great sandwiches and omlettes and things too, but it’s hard to say no to waffles. (The apple and bacon rate pretty highly with me)

These long line coatigans (you know, like coat+cardigan) are everywhere this season and I love them because they’re really cozy and actually do keep you really warm. It’s the perfect in between layer when you want to be toasty but not over heating. This one is from Gap for $99 CAD but I got it on sale. (Take a look HERE.) It’s super soft, and it has a kind of waffle knit pattern. I love it. It comes in four colours, but I love this creamy oatmeal shade.

This season I bought two bags from Guess in the sale at Hudsons Bay. This is one of them, and I’ve been taking it everywhere with me! It’s the Small Cherie Girlfriend Satchel in brown. (Take a look HERE $130) I love that it has handles, but also a cross body strap. It’s a lovely warm brown that goes with loads of things, and the hardware elements are really glossy, which gives it a polished look. It also has really smart pockets, with a central zippered section, and side pockets in the other parts so you can always find your keys, phone, lip balm, business cards… all of that. I really love it.

My boyfriend and I down by the ocean. He makes me laugh. He doesn’t take himself too seriously. lol.

Isn’t that sunset incredible? I can’t believe sometimes that we live in such a beautiful place. Looking out at those ships, I wonder if some of our boxes that we shipped are waiting out there for us?

The light here is incredible, and English Bay is a lovely spot. There are so many people here every week strolling, walking their dogs, or posing while a photographer takes pictures of their cute outfits. It’s a very peaceful place.

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