Ice Queen: My Ever New Winter Coat and Indigo Haul.

Last night was Indigo Books members pre-sale, on Robson Street, and since it’s chilly outside now, it was the perfect time to wear my new coat from Ever New Melbourne. It’s the most amazing thing and I love it so much. It’s got such a chic, vintage style, with it’s neat tie belt, dove grey colour, and fur lined hood. The fur inside the hood is the softest thing ever, and the fur trim is removable, if you want to mix things up. Around the collar, it has a neat design so you can fold it close to your neck, or let it sit open more. It’s the softest, lovliest thing ever. It retails for $239 HERE.  

It’s not the thickest coat, but it’s perfect for over knits and boots, or winter dresses. 

Teamed here with winter knee high suede boots from Blondo (these are amazingly waterproof and super comfortable and warm. On SALE for $179 HERE. And carrying the Guess Sheldon Satchel in Natural (it’s a grey blush pink) $140 HERE

A note on makeup, the lipstick I’m wearing is from Sephora Collection, shade 22 A Little Magic Matt. It’s a lovely true red, and is a steal at only $10 HERE. It’s in a really cool cardboard tube with a carousel on it, and I love the way it lasts. This range of lipstick is really fun, and would make great stocking filler gifts. 

Robson Street by night, so pretty with the lights in the trees. 

Indigo has an amazing sale coming up (not sponsored, just love their stuff). For some gift ideas, I bought myself Isabel Allende‘s latest book, In The Midst Of Winter. I love the tinned cookies and tea, and grabbed myself this Fireside Chai $15 (I can’t find this on their site to link for you!) that smells amazing. I was also blown away by the candle scents they have. Some of them are pricey, but these two weren’t. Woodfire scented candle HERE in tin, $10. It smells amazing, just like a wood fire, which reminds me of Christmas and fires by the ocean… And Starry Night & Scented Woods HERE in cut glass $11 but on sale for $8. Also, at the moment, if you spend over $50 you can get an incredibly soft Channelled Faux Fur Throw Blanket HERE with plaid lining for $35 (they’re normally $80, and I chose Ivory but they have a range of grey and brown options too).

They also have amazing mugs, but I can’t show you the ones I got because they’re gifts for people who might read this blog post, and it will spoil the surprise… he he. My boyfriend also got me some books that I have to forget about because they’re for Christmas. 

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