Trouble On Highway One by Anne McClane

Lacey Becnel is back in book two of Anne McClane’s Traiteur series. This time, Lacey finds herself in Los Angeles, working behind the scenes on a film shoot, but her new found powers put her in the way of danger and adventure once again.

Many of our favorite characters return again, as we see Lacey mature in her powers and learn what she can from Eli, the mysterious man who also has abilities. We also learn more about what happened to Birdie, a woman inextricably linked with Lacey’s gift but who died before she could know her.

I was really happy that Anne McClane contacted me and asked me to review and share this book with you, not only because I enjoyed the first one, which you can read more about here:

But also because I like the author herself and am happy to see her publishing a new novel that I can share with you. I like her Instagram, @mcclane.fiction where she posts pictures of her life in New Orleans, and her website where you can find our more about her and her background.

A traiteur is a person who is able to do a kind of faith healing. Lacey in the first book found herself with this ability, while struggling to make sense of other changes in her life and her attraction to a gorgeous, but ultimately unavailable man. I had never heard of the concept of the traiteur before, but it’s a name you will hear if you’re in the New Orleans area, which I feel adds a kind of real world charm to the books.

While the books focus on Lacey coming to terms with what she can do, they also explore some pretty steamy relationships. I don’t want to spoil anything for you here, but Lacey does go on some more romantic escapades in this book, shall we say… though I won’t tell you with who.

If you like the sound of these books, you can find out more about them on Anne McClane’s site or you can get your hands on a copy on Barnes and Noble or or Thank you for sending me this book for honest review.

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