Wicked Beauty: Colorpop Disney Villains Evil queen Ultra Glossy Lip in Bad Apple

I recently got my first order from Colorpop Cosmetics, as some of you may know, and now I really love their brand. At first I was wary of them because of their low price point, but I was really pleasantly surprised. (I mean, doesn’t the weird face I’m making in this photo look surprised? ha ha) The lip colour I’m wearing is appropriately called Bad Apple and it’s part of Colorpop’s Disney Villains collaboration, part of the Evil Queen Set.

At only $7 it’s a steal really. Click this link to shop.

The packaging for these sets is really fun. They have a bit of a tattoo or old school engraving style with details picked out in shiny hologram. Beacuse this one is part of the Evil Queen set, her name is on one side with a neon light kind of font. It also has the dripping poisoned apple/skull which you’ll remember from watching Snow White. When you open the box, the inside is an apple red. The lip colour twists closed with a secure snap and it doesn’t feel like the paint or print will rub off, which is great.

As you can see, the lip colour is an ultra glossy shade in a true apple red. When applied, it’s not as bold but it sheer with a bit of glimmer through it, but not too much. It’s a shade that reminds me of the first lip glosses I ever wore as a kid, but it’s not overly girly. Perfect for grown ups. For all it’s high shine, it’s not really sticky like you’d expect.

I love this lip colour. I’ve layered it over lipstick and worn it alone, and either way it’s really beautiful. Perhaps my only complaint it that I don’t really like the applicator, which is like a cheap brush with short clear plastic bristles. It’s fine but not really easy to use. You can always apply it with your own lip brush though.

Colorpop Cosmetics do free shipping if you spend over $35 in the US or $50 in Canada, which is really reasonable I think. This Ultra Glossy Lip is only $7 and is part of a whole range of Disney Villain themed makeup. There are also highlighters and lipsticks for a range of evil doers, from Hades to Ursula. I actually ordered some more from them since I loved the items I got so much, so look out for quite a few fun Colorpop posts soon.

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