Haircare Review: Finesse Silver Beauty Collection

People often talk about how blonde hair is high maintenance. That’s so for a few reasons, but one of those is fighting brassy tones. Finesse Silver Beauty range is designed to fight those orangey tones and keep blonde hair healthy and soft.

As you can see, my hair almost blends into the white paint of the door behind me.

Since I tend to try to go as platinum blonde as possible, and because my hair is also curly, it tends to be dry. Some blue shampoos are not that nourishing and don’t work that well for me. But I do think that a blue shampoo is really important to counter act the yellowness. So I was really happy with this shampoo. I’ve never used any Finesse products before, but the silk proteins and keratin in these products seemed to really fight dryness. My hair is not as damaged feeling or as frizzy as it often is. After 2 washes, I really noticed an improved softness.

Finesse is not an expensive brand. A quick look online will show that you can pick it up in Walmart or on Amazon for under $5 per item, and yet, I have tried way more expensive products that I actually liked less. That maybe because my hair is naturally grey. I have inherited a gene that made my hair go grey really young, and so it’s kind of a mix of dark grey, silver and some remaining blonde. It’s also curly, which in combination with the grey makes it pretty problematic. So I do struggle to find products that I really like, and sometimes things that work for others are not nourishing enough or too drying.

Im really happy with this, and I will continue to use these products, in conjunction with my curly hair serums and mousse that I love. But if you’re silver or blonde, I highly recommend checking out these products, and seeing if they work as well for you.

Thank you Finesse and Brill Communications for sending me this Silver Beauty package to try out. All opinions in this review are my own honest ones.

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