Staying Home: Drawing and Doodling.

During the lockdown, I ordered some books to keep me busy when I can;t go out. One that I’ve really enjoyed is called Craft A Doodle Deux by Jenny Doh. It’s a book of doodle prompts that you can do different things with, and is made up of ideas and how to’s from different artists. It’s the second in a series, and I’m really enjoying working through it, trying out different things.

I’d gotten into a bit of a rut with drawing. I felt like I had to make something good, but this book takes me back to trying things out and just having fun with simple ideas. You don’t have to be great to enjoy this book, just play with it. Below are some of the doodles and drawings I’ve done inspired by the prompts in the book. I picked up my copy on Book Outlet, but you can find it on Amazon or at Indigo/Chapters too.

A pattern of cute daisies.
Draw a simple butterfly shape, then have fun filling in the wings with any patterns you like.
This one is really fun and messy. Draw a picture but your pen tip can’t leave the page.
A basic fox cartoon shape that you can dress up or adapt. I turned it into a cat.
Not from the book, a spooky house I enjoyed drawing after the book got me back into playing with my pens. Not perfect, but fun.

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