Classic Beauty: Beseme’s Iconic Women Lucille Ball Collection

I grew up watching Lucille Ball on her hilarious TV show I Love Lucy after school. She was delightfully funny and hugely likable, getting into all sorts of scrapes with her best friend Ethel. She was something else, a woman who was both beautiful and funny. In her era, there were starlets or funny women, not often both. It wasn’t til I was older that I realised how much of a smart business woman and icon she was. She blazed a trail, going from a modelling career, to an actress, to a TV star and producer, and more.

Her signiture look is her red hair, huge blue eyes with long lashes and her “smear” shaped red lipstick. (By smear, I mean a shape that was also worn by Joan Crawford, a shape more wide and smooth than the defined cupids bow)

Beseme’s Iconic Women: Love Lucy Collection

Beseme, the hero brand for vintage makeup lovers, has decided to create some collections that celebrate Iconic Women, and Lucille Ball is their first. The wonderful people at this brand have collaborated with Disney and others, and create makeup that reproduces what has been worn throughout recent history. They source vintage makeup and re-create exact matches to shades and items from different eras. Their lips sticks have years on them, so if you want a bold 30’s lip or a Victory red, you got it! I love them. Their packaging is beautiful and old fashioned, and their formulas are beautiful quality.

So I’m really excited that they’ve brought out this collection, and I can’t wait to see who else they feature. For this collection, they’ve done loads of research and talked to the descendants of Lucille to get a collection that celebrates her spirit as well as shares shades that she wore. Her face on the powder compact is designed to represent her image as well as hinting at the old masks of tragedy/drama that symbolise acting and theatre. The eyeshadow palette features a 50’s club style design to reference Desi’s band leader career and his character on the show owning a club.

Whether you want to just borrow her lip look and pick up her signiture red for $34, or whether you want the whole collection for $208, I think this is a wonderful collection and celebrates a great icon. The collection is on sale today.

To shop the collection, click HERE and take a look at the other beautiful makeup items at the same time. Beseme is one of my favourite makeup brands, and I always look forward to what they will come up with next!

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