Style Inspo: MFM shirt and Cruella Lipstick

A very laid back, casual look because we’re still not going out that much. But stay at home doesn’t have to be boring. Actually, a bold red lipstick can make a trip to the store a lot more fun, that is, if you don’t have to wear a mask where you are. This top is a My Favourite Murder (the true crime comedy podcast) merch purchase. Where are my fellow Murderino’s at? ha ha! I love this because it has a funny luminol box on it, and I find the way luminol is the answer to all questions on Forensic Files. I was reorganising my closet when I decided to take these photos.

Beauty Note: This look is mostly Colourpop. I love a red lipstick and I have …. well, I have a few of them. This one is the Cruella DeVille shade from the Disney Villains from Colourpop. I really like these! The packaging is really fun and the liptick itself has “Villains” embossed on it, and they are a long lasting and non drying formula. I find a red often blurs or kisses off on coffee cups or handsome guys… but this one lasts through an expensive dinner and a glass of wine. Colourpop calls it a yellow red, which I think is in interesting way to describe it. It’s a fire engine red, and I think it has a lot of orange in it, but it’s not overly orange. A true red. The blue reds can be easier to wear but this is bold, bright and a lot of fun.

  • Lilac You A Lot HERE (currently sold out) $12
  • Cruella Creme Lipstick $9 HERE (also currently sold out)
My thinking face? ha ha.

This week, I took a little more time to enjoy some self care. I found it really helped me relax. There’s a lot going on in the world, and sometimes it feels overwhelming. Some of the things I used and loved are:

  • Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant: this is not cheap, but it is a great product. I have combination skin, so I like an exfoliant that’s really gentle. You can use this daily, it’s really gentle, but it leaves skin soft and healthy without drying. It’s an interesting product too because it’s in a bottle but is a powder that you add a couple of drops to in your hand to use. It’s got rice as an ingredient, so it has an organic sort of scent that’s really soft. You can get a small version to try at Sephora for $20
  • Yensa Pumpkin Tumeric Mask: I needed an extra radiance boost this week, because of the heat here, so this is a fun one. I had a mini-size from a subscription box, and pumpkins are for some reason adorable, so I used this one. A mask is a great way to take care of your self and have a calm moment, and this one is nice. It’s another gentle exfoliator, but this one melts into the skin more than the above and has radiance boosting ingredients too. Not a favourite, but it does make your skin feel nice.
  • Body Scrub: I have a few body scrubs, but I did an all over rub with a sugar scrub from Sephora that smells like watermelons. They have a few, they’re inexpensive and fun, and really boost circulation and make your skin all nice and smooth. I used mine before a self tan.
  • Jergen’s Natural Glow Daily Self Tan moisturiser: It might not seem like it…. but in the above picture, I’m wearing self tan. ha ha! Only a little, but I like a healthy glow in Summer, and a teeny self tan helps. Especially on legs. I use this after showering every few days, and in the lightest shade because my skin absorbs it a lot and holds the colour. A great product for about $10.
  • Verb Ghost Oil: having curly hair means it doesn’t like a lot of products that other hair types do. I tried out ghost oil after washing my hair, and it really is light weight and helps keep curls free from flyaways and frizz. Lovely.

What’s your self care routine? What helps you feel good through troubling times? Have you tried any of these products? Let me know in the comments.

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