My Favorite Foundation: The New Dior Forever Formulation

I finally got my new foundation! I feel like I’m reunited with an old friend or something. ha ha! I had a foundation that I loved and I ran out. But since I last bought it, they had changed the formula and Sephora was closed with lockdown and Covid19, so I needed help getting the right shade and didn’t want to guess and just order something and it be wrong. But now, we’re back together, my Dior Forever and me…

So, here’s the low down.

  • I’ve worn Diorskin Forever for years, and I loved it. They had a shade that was just right for my pale skintone, and I always got compliments on my skin when wearing it. Thank you, it’s my amazing foundation. I have combination skin, and I never had shine or clogged pores and it always looked kind of polished and perfected. It was titled itself “perfect makeup, everlasting wear” for a reason. I wore shade 015 in that range, and that’s the product in the middle above.
  • Some of you who are regular readers will know that I picked up the Maybelline Dream Radiant Liquid left as a stop gap til I could get into Sephora and get some advice about what I should get from the new range. Honestly, it’s a drug store brand that’s not going to have that beautiful finish and comfort that you pay for, but it’s a good high street alternative and I did like it. That was shade 08 Fair Ivory for comparison. Not bad.
  • And finally, the new Dior Foundation. So, there’s three formulations, (not including the other foundations they make). There’s a mattifying one, a radiant one and Undercover which is full, full coverage. I went with the matte one, because that’s what I like, so that’s what you can see right. Dior Forever 24h* Wear High Perfection Skin-Caring Matte Foundation, to use it’s full title. I’m wearing shade 1CR, which apparently replaces the old shade 012, so I guess that means that I’m even paler than I used to be. ha ha!

I love how natural Dior foundations look. They’re like your skin, but the best, healthiest version. I went with the matte version, because I like a slightly done, old fashioned look and have combination skin, so I avoid shine. But all the formulations are purported to be for all skin types. This one really does protect and perfect the skin without drying out or clogging pores.

It’s a medium coverage, so it doesn’t look heavy, and I think it blends really well, which I like. I only need to use a little of this one, and it covers, evens and lasts for the advertised 24 hours, if you need it to. After taking it off at the end of the day, my skin feels happy and healthy, which isn’t something I got from the Maybelline foundation.

The CR part on the shade refers to the fact that my skin is apparently “cool and rosy” so that’s pink undertones. I feel like the shades are attempting to meet people needing shade (by that I mean lightness or darkness) as well as tone, like rosiness, peach, olive or not. I think that makes a lot of sense. This was not something I was worried about before, but in the past, pre-Diorskin in my life, it was hard to find a shade light enough that wasn’t cakey and looked natural, like the shade of my actual skin. SO clearly they’re listening to people and creating a more intelligent shade type and range. And I think the shades available go over a fairly wide range, but I can see there’s not a huge range at the darker end of the spectrum, at least on the Sephora site.

The problem at the moment is that stores can’t give out foundation samples for you to try in store or at home like they used to, for hygiene reasons. So I went in store and asked for help, and I got a shade that I thought might be too light, but was actually right. I wore 015 before, and now I’m the equivalent of 012. The tip here is, if you go to Sephora, you have a month to try out the foundation you buy and can return it up to a month later, even if you’ve used it. So you can take one home and try it a few times in different light and all of those conditions, and exchange it if you need to.

Honestly, I loved this before, and the new formulation really doesn’t feel different to me. I’m not sure of the change, unless it’s the colour types or just rebranding into glow and matte ranges, I’m not sure. But the new one is as great as the old one, and I’m really happy.

I know that the price point is high, $64cad. But this one lasts and looks beautiful and is better for your skin, and most importantly, one bottle lasts me about 12 months! Way longer than the cheaper brands that I usually have to use a little more of as well.

Beauty Note:

  • Dior Forever 24h* Wear High Perfection Skin-Caring Matte Foundation in shade 1CR $64cad, HERE.
  • Of course, the Making Mauves eyeshadow palette $14usd from Colourpop HERE.
  • Colourpop Lippie Stix in shade Aftershock $7usd HERE
  • Mac Lip Glass in shade Love Child (two sizes, $22 full size or the $14 mini) HERE used just in the fullest centre parts of the lips, for effect. On the site this colour looks way lighter and more pink than my own, but the tube says it’s that shade so….

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