Relax: Bathtime with Dr Teals Glow And Radiance Soak and Foaming Bath.

I didn’t know how much I needed this until Dr Teals and Brill sent me this blogger package. Dr Teal’s has a new range of bath products called the Glow and Radiance Foaming Bath or Soaking Solution. And it’s so so good.

Here’s a picture of me riding a horse. Why? Because if you’ve ever ridden a horse, you’ll know that it often gives you tired aching muscles in places you didn’t know you had. I ride once a week, and I love it, but as a novice, I don’t have the flexible muscle tone and fitness that I’d like to yet. (But I’m getting there) Epsom salts, or an Epsom salt bath, are a classic way to help ease muscle aches and soreness. A lot of athletes use them, and they really work. But this range feels more like a luxury or a treat than a sporty product. Which is one thing I really like about it.

The other thing is that the scent of citrus is really pleasant. It’s an uplifting orange scent, not overwhelming, and it makes me think of long, relaxed Summer days, which is why I paired the product with a beach towel and sunglasses up top in the photo. Honestly, I’ll be using this in Winter too, to bring an invigorating sense of well being to life. Actually, the scent of orange and citrus has been known to bring a sense of happiness and well being.

The other benefit of this range is that the product formulation is really good for your skin. If you’ve over done it this Summer in the sun, or just like to have a healthy glow, this product supports that aim. While Vitamin C works to help reduce inflammation in the body, it’s also known to brighten dull skin, help it repair damage to the surface and even tackles sunspots. It means that your skin is left feeling moisturised and healthy, and looking great too.

So whether you want to support your skin, or want the beauty benefits, or to relax, either way, Glow and Radiance has you covered.

Dr Teal’s Pure Epsom Salt Glow and Radiance range are available in Walmart’s online or in store for $8.98, and the package is huge and will last you a long while. Total bargain. It comes in either the salts themselves or as a foaming bath.

Thank you Brill Communications and Dr Teal’s for sending me this product. All thoughts are my own honest opinions.

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