Influenster: Belif Aqua Bomb Cleansing Balm and True Cream

OK, I am wearing mascara here, but otherwise makeup free.

Thanks to the lovely people at Influenster Canada and Belif, I had the chance to try out some Belif products, namely the Aqua Bomb Cleansing Balm and their True Cream. I always love to try new things.

Belif is a brand that I’ve come across more recently in subscription boxes and samples on Sephora. Their tagline is “believe in truth” and they seem to have a Korean beauty and clean beauty influence, though that’s not exactly their branding. Their packaging is fresh and natural looking, with it’s white and blue and the texture of the box, embossed with their logo. They also have a slightly scientific look because of this too. One thing I think it really neat is the funny lid shape on the moisturizer, which is kind of narrower than the bottle/jar. I thought it was weird, but then I realised how much easier it is to open than normal makeup and beauty products, which is genius.

I got a full size cleansing balm, which is much appreciated, and I’ve been using it for several days, since it arrived. It’s a pretty cool product. It doens’t have a strong scent, but it has a fresh and invigorating smell. It comes with a neat little spatula thing to get the product out. No product under your nails, and you can get just the right amount. Then, rub it between your hands and it melts from balm to oil texture. Then, on your face, it cleanses and removes makeup. I find a lot of balms aren’t great for combination skin, they’re not strong enough to really clean skin, but this one works really well. It doesn’t dry skin out, but it removes excess oil and makeup. I like how fresh my skin feels afterwards. See the photo at the top. It also washes off easily.

The Voxbox also included a small True Cream Aqua Bomb, which is a cute matching moisturiser. It’s kind of slightly gel like in texture and soft blue in colour, with a really soft natural scent. I’ve tried a different Belif eye cream which I felt didn’t do much for me at all, so I wasn’t expecting a lot with this cream. But I did like it. This is one that you can use morning and evening, so no need for separate day and night products. It doesn’t contain a sunscreen, like my previous moisturiser did, which is something I like as a selling point. This has the cute easy to open lid that I mentioned above, and I feel like a little goes a long way, at least on my skin. It melts in nicely, so no greasy feeling, and I do feel like it feels nice on my skin. I think this is a good product, and holds it’s own against other things on the market, and is about what you’d expect for the price point.

The Aqua Bomb Cleansing Balm is $45 and you can shop it HERE.

The True Cream Aqua Bomb is $50 and you can find out more HERE.

Thank you Influenster and Belif for this Voxbox for honest review. I really enjoyed trying these products, and sharing them.

All opinions are my own honest throughts.

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