Box Theatre Project: Miniature “Snow Dream”

How cute is this? I’ve always loved miniatures, ever since falling in love with dolls houses as a kid, but I’ve never made any. This cute kit really appealed to me, with it’s tiny lights, snowy scene, and cozy rabbit burrow. This is from a series of kits which are pretty cheap and all over eBay, Amazon and places like Wish too. I thought that this would be a fun Christmas or Winter decoration. (If you want to take a look, try the search term “Box Theatre”)

I was pretty nervous about starting this kit because I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to finish it or that it would be too hard. It wasn’t easy, the parts are really, really tiny! But it was sort of harder and easier than it looks. I did the whole thing in a weekend, with a little help and encouragement from my boyfriend. I really thought it would have taken longer. But building the tiny parts was harder than I thought.

The furniture, decorations, all the parts all have to be cut out and built. And they are tiny! The books on that shelf actually have words on the spines! There’s a sheet and pillow under that sheet. The details are so fun. And fiddly. lol.

The backgrounds and base glued in.
You can see the switch at the bottom, also the snow bank and some furniture and parts in place.
The finished rabbit burrow home. So adorable.
The completed project, with the switch cover off.

It’s done! The top photo you can see the switch cover on, and the kit also has a stand that slots together so that you can display your tin. I haven’t tried to close the tin yet, but you’re meant to be able to without your scene getting squished, which I like because it means you can store it safely. I still feel really buzzed that I actually made this thing! I love it and have always wanted to try something like this, but it’s a bit out of my creative comfort zone. So, I feel pretty great about it and how it turned out.

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