Autumn Already: A Fallen Leaves Inspired MOTD

I feel like 2020 is sort of going really fast, like it’s Autumn/Fall already, and yet also really slow because of so many things being locked down. But that’s how I feel a lot of years, to be honest. This was a makeup look I wore to the movies. The leaves had started to fall, and I felt like embracing those colours in my makeup. So, a brown-ish nude lip from Rimmel teamed with eyes from Colourpop.

I actually meant to take a photo while we were out, but I forgot to. I get caught up in the moment sometimes and don’t always stop everything to take pictures. I’ve also felt like I really missed playing with makeup and sharing looks with people. It’s something fun that I really enjoy but I’ve had some things going on (my Dad is really sick) that just meant that I wasn’t feeling outgoing and fun. I was feeling more pyjamas and not talking to anyone. But I felt like that could soon become a negative habit. It’s OK to take care of yourself.

This shirt is an inexpensive buy from Ardene. It has a lace panel in the back and ties at the front. I love it because it’s so soft. It’s really perfect for the transition seasons because it feels cozy but it’s actually not very thick, not too warm. I’ve seen this style of top at so many stores. But I think this shade of rose pink is really cheerful.

Makeup Notes:
  • Eyes: Wearing Colourpop Cosmetics I Think I Love You palette. (I think this one is currently discontinued). Rowdy (pale matte neutral) all over, Fancy Face and Belair (coffee brown, and a darker shimmer brown) in the crease, My Treat (almost white gold shimmer) inner corner and Better Bitter on the lid (gold metallic shimmer).
  • Lips: Rimmel London Stay Matte liquid lip in Be My Baby. I like how this range lasts, but I found this one slightly drying this time, which I think means I need a new one!
  • Base: I always wear Buxom blush in shade Dolly and Dior Forever Skin-Caring Matte Foundation in shade 1 Cool Rosy. I love this foundation.

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