Kafka’s Organic Pet Food (For Cat’s And Dog’s)

I love to support local, especially when it comes to food, so when I came across Kafka’s Organic, I was really curious. They’re a local business (Vancouver, BC) who create natural, balanced pet foods and deliver them to your door. So you’re supporting local, decreasing your carbon foot print, and also buying food for your pet that’s nurtitionally balanced by vet’s and only contain the good stuff, no preservatives. When they reached out over on Instagram to ask if Grimoire (my cat) would like to try out one of their pouches, we jumped at the chance. (Link HERE)

Your pet food comes to your door in a sturdy, recyclable box. The pouches are frozen, so you can see the silver thermal packaging inside to keep it cold. You simply defrost and use. I found it didn’t take long to defrost because it’s fairly flat in the pouch. You can break off just as much as you want to use, and defrost that, if you want to. Being frozen means the food inside is super fresh and doesn’t need preservatives.

This 1lb/454g package is $12.99 CAD. This lasted us several days. If you look closely, you can see that the label says “human quality”. That’s because there’s no junk or additives in here, just fresh, delicious Turkey goodness. I like that this pouch reseals, I found that really handy.

This pouch type of cat food comes in three flavours, turkey, fish or lamb. There’s also dog food pouches, for your canine pals. Everything is locally sourced. The cat food has a little vitamins added, because cat’s need Taurine for health, and there’s a really handy calculator that helps you figure out how much your cat needs for each meal.

As I was trying to take photos, Grim was all over the packaging, trying to get involved and chew it open. Grim is a little bit of a fussy eater, but he was really into this. On their site, Kafka point out that a lot of pets, about 37%, have issues with pets developing food issues like obesity, food allergies, sensitive stomachs,… well, this kind of healthy, all natural, no synthetic nutrient eating is the answer.

This is what the Turkey Delight looks like. It smells pretty nice actually. As you can see, it’s really fresh and no fillers. It’s almost all protein.

Delivery is free over $60, and since it arrives frozen, you can stock up. Under that amount, fees vary from $4.99 for Vancouver to $9.99 is you’re located in Abbotsford or Mission, so they really cover a wide area. (Take a look at their site for more exact delivery fees to your area)

Honestly, I think this is a really great idea. Grim currently eats Fancy Feast and things like that, and this plan works out about the same cost. But it’s developed with vets and really focuses on good quality and no preservatives. I love that it’s frozen and is delivered, it’s a really easy to use service. For Grim, this pouch lasted quite a few days, so the sizing of the pouches is really good. And the site as well as the customer service are both really helpful. If you’re in the Vancouver area and surrounds, definitely check this brand out and give them a try. They do cat or dog ranges.

Thank you Kafka Organic’s for sending us this pouch of fresh, delicious Turkey Delight for honest review. Grim and I both recommend this company, their food and their service.

If you want more information, check out more on their site HERE.

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